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Tasteful Male Nudes For The Home #3

Some pieces come along but once in a lifetime. "Bronze Man Sculpture Nude Perfect Body Building Gay Art" is just that piece. Marvel at his burnished six pack. Titter at the way he's playing with his pee-pee. Cover your mouth, scandalized that he's scratching his bum. Whisper about his uncanny resemblance to a young Sylvester Stallone. Gasp at him only being $389, and him being 22" tall and weighing 17lbs, which is, if nothing else, a lot of metal for your dollar. Oh, and remember, the seller stresses that the finish on "Perfect Man" (as they call him) has been changed to a darker antique finish, which will be a relief to those of you who already have a lot of burnished bronze on the coffee table.

(Via Ebay)

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