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First Look: Kylie's Orgy-tastic New Video

Now, at 13 seconds just before the horse (horse? Yes, horse) runs through spoiling the view, there's a woman and man kissing, and right behind the woman, another guy getting it on ... OK, he could be straight, but you know threesomes and how they can turn out. As for the horse, it might be a gelding, or a mare, but for sure doesn't have an erection, and is exiting pretty fast, so no bestiality.

The final scene seems mostly to be a heap of folks holding up the delectable Kylie, and so it isn't really an orgy. Our grand total is: straight - 18, gay - 1, lesbian 1, maybe 2, threesome - 1, horse - 1.

Still, it's a better queer showing than almost any other pop video (especially when you consider how many [haven't] featured gay men kissing). And God only knows what Ms. Minogue has waiting for us during the other three and a half minutes of the video.

"All The Lovers" is available as a digital download on June 13. Kylie's 11th studio album, Aphrodite, is out in the U.S. on July 6.

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