First Look: Kylie's Orgy-tastic New Video

Now, at 13 seconds just before the horse (horse? Yes, horse) runs through spoiling the view, there’s a woman and man kissing, and right behind the woman, another guy getting it on … OK, he could be straight, but you know threesomes and how they can turn out. As for the horse, it might be a gelding, or a mare, but for sure doesn’t have an erection, and is exiting pretty fast, so no bestiality.

The final scene seems mostly to be a heap of folks holding up the delectable Kylie, and so it isn’t really an orgy. Our grand total is: straight – 18, gay – 1, lesbian 1, maybe 2, threesome – 1, horse – 1.

Still, it's a better queer showing than almost any other pop video (especially when you consider how many [haven't] featured gay men kissing). And God only knows what Ms. Minogue has waiting for us during the other three and a half minutes of the video.


"All The Lovers" is available as a digital download on June 13. Kylie's 11th studio album, Aphrodite, is out in the U.S. on July 6.

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Tags: Popnography

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