They May Wear Pink, But They’re No Ladies

Photo: BBC

Check out this delightful picture -- at first glance it’s the usual English rugger-bugger thing going on: a heap of straining muscular chaps in pink, feeling each other up under the pretense of all wanting to touch an oddly shaped ball. Well, maybe no pretense.

But look closer, bottom left (as it were), the finger in the eye thing going on. Trace the finger and hand and then arm back, and it belongs to a fellow called David Attoub, who just lost his appeal against a 70-week suspension for the charming-sounding offense of “eye gouging” against Stephen Ferris.

Leaving aside the slight mitigating factor that Attoub seems to be using another player’s top to avoid rubbing unhygienic dirt into the eye at the same time as blinding him, it’s something the rugby lads took a serious stance on.

Oddly, no one thought to say in Attoub’s defence that all he was doing was trying to insert the finger in an altogether different orifice, and missed the mark. Or would that have seemed too gay?


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