Star Trek sets its gun to stun(ning)

Over $75 million opening weekend box office? 96% approval rating of critics, courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes? The reimagining of Star Trek is exactly why movie studios keep re-making or re-booting franchises: because sometimes it works really, really well. It's fast, stylish, funny, dramatic, and chock full of references and nods to the original series. J.J. Abrams pulls off a really smart idea that manages to create an entire new Alternate Universe for him to play in, while also maintaining the (relative) integrity of the Star Trek canon.  

He is succeeding as a fanboy in both connecting to other rabid fans, while also introducing his passion to non-Trekkies in an accessible manner. And in his AU, Kirk and Spock feel less slashy and much more like best Kirk and McCoy, on the other hand, they have obviously made some time for each other in their private quarters.

Abrams makes a few other bold plot choices, some of which might not sit well with longtime fans, but it makes for excellent post-viewing discussions with your hot nerdy date (and there were a LOT of good-looking fanboys in my theater Friday night). There also so much packed into the movie that will make it relatively easy to rewatch. Here's one list of five things you may have missed. (And yeah, that's Winona Ryder in the movie. I wasn't sure either.) While Leonard Nimoy had to keep hush about his role in the new Star Trek while doing promotional interviews last week, he did reveal some things even better on Friday's The View -- one, that he loves a full-bodied woman, and two, he and his wife figured out how to make a marriage last for 20 years: bondage and orgasms. Live long and prosper, indeed.


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