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Being in love trumps being a mayor any day

J.W. Lown, the mayor of San Angelo in West Texas, has left his position to follow his heart -- and his partner -- to Mexico. Lown had been serving as mayor for only a few weeks after overwhelmingly winning a fourth two-year term but made a run for the border Tuesday, leaving behind a short resignation letter on his desk.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lown told the local media that his partner came to the U.S. five years ago and their relationship began in March. When his partner was forced to move back to Mexico earlier this month due to residency issues, the mayor was forced to decide between his job and his lover. He chose his lover.

Lown's position was only part-time and paid just $600 a year, but the mayor had already pushed to rebuild aging water and sewer lines and attended "hundreds of community events." And according to the WSJ, the people of San Angelo want him back. "Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer said she had been besieged by voters asking her to urge the mayor to resume his duties if he can resolve his partner's immigration status." "They love our mayor," Ms. Farmer said. "Quite frankly, so do I."

Can true love conquer all -- including immigration laws? Only time will tell. We're sure hoping so.

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