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No, Troye Sivan Is Not on the Apps Because They Make Him 'Depressed'

No, Troye Sivan Is Not on the Apps Because They Make Him 'Depressed'

Troye Sivan
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The singer recently revealed the reason why he’s given up on dating apps.

The gays have an ongoing love-hate relationship with dating apps, and it’s no different for Troye Sivan.

With the recent release of the “Rush” music video – which celebrated queer party culture – Sivan has been doing interviews talking about his own relationship with dating, partying, and hooking up. Earlier this week, for instance, Sivan revealed that he is not a bottom.

During a new interview on Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp, the “Rush” singer opened up about his relationship with dating apps. He explained:

“I’m not on [Hinge] at the moment. It’s not because of any work stuff. I’m just like depressed by the apps. I’m not on them right now. I was on it as of like two months ago or something.”

Prior to giving up on the apps, Sivan also faced a classic problem for celebrities trying to date: users reporting your dating profile after thinking that you’re impersonating a famous person.

“I got banned like 10 times or something,” Sivan recalled. “This was really embarrassing. I went through my agent and asked them, ‘Hey do you know anyone at Hinge that could un-ban my account for me or whatever.’ And they did!”

In a previous interview with British GQ, Sivan brought up being in a long-term relationship that ended somewhat recently. That breakup ultimately led up to the experiences that Sivan is celebrating on “Rush.”

“I had come from such a serious relationship and didn’t place much value on other forms of intimacy,” he told the publication. “Then, over time, I started to realize that I just love people, and I love community, and sex.”

We’re rooting for you during this journey, Troye!

Troye Sivan’s upcoming album Something to Give Each Other comes out October 13 on music streaming platforms.

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