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Russell Tovey & Pedro Pascal's Art Gallery Trip Hilariously Failed

Russell Tovey & Pedro Pascal's Art Gallery Trip Hilariously Failed

Russell Tovey; Pedro Pascal

They got together to see an art exhibition dedicated to Pedro Pascal, but the actor himself couldn’t go in.

Well, that didn’t go as expected!

Russell Tovey (Looking, American Horror Story) and Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us, The Mandalorian) linked up to attend an art exhibition in England dedicated to none other than Pascal himself. The exhibition in question, titled ADHD Hyper Fixation and why it looks like I love Pedro Pascal, was created by artist Heidi Gentle Burrell.

The actors tried to attend the exhibition at Rhodes Gallery on Sunday, August 6 alongside Tovey’s Talk Art podcast cohost Robert Diament, who is a gallerist. Alas, they quickly found out that the art gallery was already closed for the day.

As a result, the trio took a selfie outside the gallery so they could always remember the day when Pascal wasn’t allowed into an art exhibit dedicated to himself.

After catching wind of the situation, Burrell was absolutely giddy that Pascal tried to visit her exhibition about to the actor, and also shared how upsetting it was that he couldn’t get in to see it.

“It was absolutely fantastic. Although I can imagine he’s slightly embarrassed, with all the art being about him!” Burrell told The Independent. “I’m gutted he showed up on a Sunday when the gallery was closed. I’d love for Robert to bring him along when we’re actually open.”

She added, “I used to watch [Pascal] in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and lots of crime dramas, which I always thought he was really good in. The first film I saw him in was called Bloodsucking Bosses, but I loved him before he was famous, too. I just found he had a really interesting face, from an artistic point of view. He’s got two little bald patches in his beard and creases in his eyebrows and bridge of his nose. I wouldn’t call myself an obsessed fan, but I do hyper-fixate on capturing him in my art.”

It’s a huge bummer that Pascal wasn’t able to see the art created by this superfan. In the meantime, we love the idea of Tovey and Pascal going to art galleries together. Like, can we turn this into a regular series or something?

We’ll always stan Pedro Pascal!

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