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Meet Out's 2023 List of Most Eligible Nonbinary Bachelorexes

Meet Out's 2023 List of Most Eligible Nonbinary Bachelorexes

nonbinary bachelorexes

We'd love to go on a date with these talented and accomplished people!

These nonbinary hotties are at the top of our list!

nonbinary bachelorexes

Here at Out, our crushes aren’t limited by the binary. Yes, we have our Most Eligible Bachelors and Most Eligible Bachelorette lists, but you didn’t think we’d end it there, did you? We’ve been hard at work thinking about all the nonbinary people we have crushes on and getting this list together for your enjoyment.

Here are our picks for the most datable famous nonbinary people alive right now. Is bachelorex a word? We’re not sure, but we’re going to use it as one.

1. Carl Clemons-Hopkins

carl clemons hopkins

Carl, we fall in love with every character you play! Of course, we especially love you as the workaholic Marcus in Hacks, and your smooth voice and calming presence has us wishing we knew you in real life! You also totally know how to rock a red carpet, and that means something to us!

2. Jacob Tobia

jacob tobia

We love your style, we love your passion for worker’s rights, we love your red lips, and we love that you NEVER apologize for being yourself. It not only inspires us to be our most authentic selves, but it gives us a pretty big crush on you, too. Let’s go shopping and pick out some cute outfits to wear on our next date together!

3. Janelle Monáe

janelle monae

Okay, Janelle, we get it, you’re the sexiest person on Earth. As if we didn’t already know it, you had to go and release your new album Age of Pleasure this summer along with the absurdly brilliant and tantalizing music video for “Lipstick Lover.” We love your celebration of your body, as well as Black queer bodies, we worship your music and acting, we adore your sense of fashion, and we want to leave a sticky hickey in a place you won’t forget!

4. Jes Tom

jes tom

Jes, you always make us laugh, and you’re damn handsome to boot! You’re one of our favorite writers/actors/comedians/social media presences, and we’re coming out as having a crush on you! Your tweets about gay and trans issues always make us laugh at ourselves, and you’re our favorite kind of twink: the he/they kind.

5. J. Harrison Ghee

j harrison ghee

We definitely like it hot, and it doesn’t come much hotter than you!!! You slayed it as Daphne in your Tony-winning performance in Some Like It Hot, and we can’t wait to see whatever you do next! The world is your oyster, and we want to pour you a glass of champagne! And god, that Tony’s dress, you redefined what it means to look good in blue!

6. Liv Hewson

liv hewson

Liv, if we were stuck in the Rockies with our soccer team and forced to survive the winter, we’d want you to be our partner. We love everything you do on Yellowjackets as the teen version of goalkeeper Van Palmer, and we’ve loved you in previous roles in shows like Santa Clarita Diet and Top of the Lake. Plus, we really admire the way you fight for better representation for nonbinary performers! And, we can’t help but fall for a redhead with an Australian accent!

7. Mae Martin

mae martin

What can we say about Mae Martin? You always knock us off our feet with how vulnerable and funny you’re able to be at the same time. We loved you in Feel Good, but your comedy special SAP really did us in. Maybe we can go on a date sometime to drive through Canada looking for a giant moose? Of course, if you are dating Eliott Page, we’ll back off, but if you’re just friends, we’re here!

8. Ser Anzoategui

ser anzoategui

Please, let us into your Vida! Your character Eddy was a super hot butch of our dreams, and in real life, we like you even more! Not only are you super hot and look adorable in your glasses, but we love the way you keep us informed on social and racial issues. We love following your Instagram, but we’d love to know you irl even more!

9. Shamir


Hey, Shamir, we’d love to see you “on the regular.” We love your sexy countertenor voice and brilliantly clever lyrics. Your last two EPs, Shamir and Heterosexuality, have been two of our favorite albums of the last five years, and we’d love to spend the next five getting to know you better!

10. Valentina


Even if you don’t always nail the lyrics, you can lip sync your way into our hearts any day! You’re one of our forever crushes from any season of Drag Race, and you’re our ultimate fan favorite! When you starred in Rent: Live and showed up in In The Heights, we only wanted to see more of you, and now, we’re glad that we can watch Drag Race: Mexico and do just that! We love you for being you and no one else, and we love the way you do it!

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Mey Rude

Mey Rude is a journalist and cultural critic who has been covering queer news for a decade. The transgender, Latina lesbian lives in Los Angeles with her fiancée.

Mey Rude is a journalist and cultural critic who has been covering queer news for a decade. The transgender, Latina lesbian lives in Los Angeles with her fiancée.