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SonicFox, 'Lebron James of Gaming,' Shows Trans Pride at Tournament


We welcome our "defender of trans rights!"

Pro gamer SonicFox is showing trans pride like only they can.

Clad in their signature red, black, white and blue fox fursuit, the internationally known player showed off trans pride in a very SonicFox way at the most recent WePlay Esports Ultimate Fighting League Mortal Kombat 11 tournament.

While being introduced with some of the other high profile international players in the tournament, instead of appearing in front of a flag representing their country, SonicFox was shown with the blue, pink and white trans flag waving behind them. The voiceover announcer proudly proclaimed SonicFox, "the defender of trans rights."

SonicFox, who was once reportedly the high-est paid gamer in the world (we aren't sure if that is still accurate,) went on to dominate the tournament, ending with a record of 12-1, landing in first place atop the standings. They beat Tekken Master two out of three times on the final day to win.

It was an awesome move, and one that fits right in with SonicFox's M.O. Ever since they became an international gaming superstar, the 23-year-old has proudly stood for LGBTQ+ rights. Back in 2019 after winning the biggest Mortal Kombat 11 tournament in the world, they tweeted "Im gay And the BEST MK11 PLAYER ON THE PLANET DONT FORGET IT."

They later came out as nonbinary. In September of 2019, they said they were a nonbinary man and went by he/they pronouns. Shortly after, they clarified, saying that people they know can use both he and they, but the FGC, or Fighting Game Community as well as anyone who doesn't know them personally, should stick to they/them.

"Also to clarify on my pronouns, I am alright with most of my close friends to use he or they, but I've been specifically letting the FGC only use they/them. It isn't as normalized in that environment, and am trying to change that in this space," they tweeted. "So while He They does work, if I dont know ya like that or we aint close, please use they them!!"

While many love SonicFox and proudly support them, the gaming and esports communities are filled with racism, toxic masculinity, homophobia, and transphobia. Still, nothing can take away SonicFox's joy as a queer, Black, nonbinary person. And when one is joyful, it spreads.

With Gamergate, streamers letting slurs fly while playing in front of crowds, and a long history of trans exclusion in video games, SonicFox is truly blazing a new trail in the field. One that other LGBTQ+ gamers of all ethnicities can follow.

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