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Bella Ramsey Is Ready to Explore 'The Last of Us' Lesbian Storyline

The popular HBO series has so far been praised for its LGBTQ+ representation and faithfulness to the source material.

'The Last of Us' TV Show Perfectly Recreated the Game's Gay Adult Mag

The gay adult magazine seen in The Last of Us videogame was spotted in the HBO series.

'Hogwarts Legacy' Includes Harry Potter's First Trans Character

Harry Potter just introduced its first canon trans character.

The Last of Us' Gay Character Is Getting a Major Change in the Show

Will we be seeing a lot more of Bill and Frank in the show?

Study: Gamers Stopped Playing Overwatch Character After He Came Out

Why the hate for Soldier: 76?

Check Out the 1st Trailer for HBO's 'The Last of Us' TV Series

Queer characters like Bill and Riley also show up in the trailer!

Lil Nas X Drops Anime Video for 'League of Legends' Song 'STAR WALKIN'

"Don't ever say it's over if I'm breathin'!"

Watch Lil Nas X Take Over 'League of Legends' As Their New President

“I will be the greatest President of League of Legends, of all time. Also, I’m going to make the best Worlds anthem of all time and put on the biggest, coolest, sexiest Worlds in the history of all Worlds.”

Lady Gaga Rumored to Hold a Virtual Concert on 'Fortnite' Soon

Fortnite might be going into Chromatica mode.

'Dead by Daylight' Introduces Game's First Playable Gay Character

A fan-favorite character has come out of the closet.

24 of Pop Culture's Sexiest Monsters

Tentacles, claws, and fangs — oh my!

Video Games with Same-Sex Relationships Are Getting Banned in China

The ban is part of a broader movement in Chinese media.