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Fund This: Documentary about a French Gay Couple's Struggle to Adopt

Ghost of the Republic

Ghosts of the République documents the legal and emotional issues many LGBT couples face when trying to start a family.

As the battle for marriage equality wages on, filmmaker Jonathon Narducci has turned his lens toward the restrictive laws against surrogacy and adoption in France.

For many LGBT couples around the world, starting a family or having a child of their own is either a difficult process or a wholly impossible one. Surrogacy and adoption offer the only means for gay couples to experience the joy that is raising a child. Yet countries including France, Germany, Italy, and Spain completley prohibit surroagcy.

Narducci's documentary, Ghosts of the Republique, follows a recently married gay couple, Nicolas and Aurelien, through their difficult journey to adopt a baby through international surrogacy in the United States.

The title of the film--Ghosts of the Republique--is a reference to the children that aren't leaglly recognized by the French government. They're considered "ghosts" because of their lack of paperwork and formal citzenship. All children born through international surrogacy in the United States, or other countries that allow the process, are deemed legally parentless by the French government.

Narducci and his subjects, Nicolas and Aurelien, hope to highlight the complex issue of international surrogacy to the mainstream through the documentary. Although much of the film focuses on the personal perspective of the married couple, experts within the field will debate and clarify the practices of international surrogacy.

To continue filming this groundbreaking documentary, Narducci has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

The budget for the Kickstarter campaign is $58,000 and will help alleivate the extensive travel and shooting costs that the documentary team continues to pay for out of pocket. With an important story to tell, the crew is asking for support to continue their work.

Incentives to fund this project include: exclusive filming updates, T-shirts, copies of the DVD, and an official credit as a donor at the conclusion of the film.

Check out this EXCLUSIVE video from Nicolas and Aurelien about Ghosts of the Republique:

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