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same-sex marriage

GOPer Attended Gay Son's Wedding, Voted Against Gay Marriage (Twice)

Rep. Glenn Thompson, who is the father of a gay son, voted against a bill protecting same-sex marriage for the second time on Thursday.

Senate Passes Bill to Protect Same-Sex Marriage in Landmark Vote

(CNN) LGBTQ+ Americans can breathe a sigh of relief after the Senate on Tuesday passed legislation to protect same-sex marriage in a landmark bipartisan vote.

JoJo Siwa Calls Out Candace Cameron Bure's 'Traditional Marriage' View

Bure said she only wants to make Christmas movies that "keep traditional marriage at the core" — and Siwa was having none of that!

Mary Lambert Opens Up on Her Marriage & New Documentary '1946'

Mary Lambert is spilling all the tea on her special day with Out.

This Gay Couple Celebrated a Big Win for Marriage Equality in Taiwan

Thanks to a major court victory earlier this year, this gay couple gets to finally live out their dream of marriage.

Support for Same-Sex Marriage Reaches All Time High

Truly a bi-partisan issue.

Montenegro Is Latest Country to Recognize Same-Sex Unions

They are still prevented from adopting children.

Same-Sex Marriage Comes to Costa Rica on This Day

The wait is almost over.

Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers Celebrate Two Years of Marriage

"I remain completely infatuated and in love."

This Gay Couple’s 1971 Marriage Has Now Been Legally Recognized

It’s now the oldest same-sex marriage in America.

Trump Admin Blocks Visas for Same-Sex Partners of UN Diplomats

The new policy will force their same-sex partners to get married or leave the country.

53 Nigerians Arrested for Attending Gay Wedding

Under the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition act, attendees at gay weddings face up to a decade in prison.

Time to Panic: It’s Like the Early Days of AIDS All Over Again

The election of a demagogue imperils many homegrown advancements in LGBT rights. It also degrades the global progress when the standard-bearer—America—is shown to be so vulnerable.

New Zealand PM Changes Mind on Same-Sex Marriage, Citing Positive Effect on Gay Couples

“I’d probably vote differently now on the gay marriage issue," said incoming Prime Minister Bill English. "I don’t think that gay marriage is a threat to anyone else’s marriage."