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Fund This: Small Town Gay Bar Filmmaker Returns for Southern Pride

The documentary takes a look at the safe space provided by gay bars in the wake of the Pulse massacre.

Fund This: Dante's Cove Season 4, Our Favorite Gay Supernatural Soap Opera

One of the most popular LGBT soap operas in TV history wants to make a grand return—with your help!

Thinking Within the Box: Sensual Photo Series Explores Confined Intimacy

Photographer Ron Amato unpacks isolation, desire, conflict, and empowerment in The Box

Fund This: Micah Jesse's 'We Are Orlando' Fundraiser

“We work together, play together, and now, as a community, we are dedicated to finding ways for our country to heal together-by creating joy and love, instead of spreading fear and hate.”

Fund This: Support Victims of Orlando Massacre

The campaign hopes to raise $5 million dollars. 

Fund This: Subscription-Based Monthly STD Testing App

Mately would allow STD prevention to catch up with online hookup culture.

Fund This: Alan Cumming and Wilson Cruz To Star in LGBT Drama After Louie

How To Survive a Plague's Vincent Gagliostro tapped an all-star cast including Justin Vivian Bond, Joey Arias, and Zachary Booth

Edie Windsor Launches Coding Scholarship for Queer Women

"Imagine what apps and software would look like if they were made by women, queer women, women of color."

Fund This: Normal Ken Doll Flaunts Average BMI

After the massive sales of his Normal Barbie doll, Nickolay Lamm of Lammily Dolls has introduced a crowdfunding campaign to create the male equivalent. 

Fund This: Love Wins, A Powerful Archive of LGBTQ Love Stories

Hoping to raise $25,000 by March 25th,  Love Wins offers touching portraits and stories of LGBTQ spouses. 

Fund This: RainBRO, Our Next Favorite Teen Movie

Imagine But I’m a Cheerleader for gay boys.

Fund This: Alan Cumming's Penis Documentary

...need we say more?

Fund This: Help Pro-Gay Ali Forney Center Replace Harlem Hate Church

Sometimes a cause is so evident it just beats you over the head—kinda like the church sign above.

Fund This: Baltimore Artists Planning Divine Monument

The proposed eight-foot monument comes complete with bronze doggie doo.