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A Note on World AIDS Days From Our CEO

This year marks the 35th anniversary of World AIDS Day.

George Santos Claims He's Not Afraid of the 'Gay Inc Mafia'

Once again, George Santos said something unintentionally hysterical.

Target's Gay Nutcracker & Black Santa in Wheelchair Have Fox News Hosts Triggered

The retail giant Target has faced criticism from Fox News over a “Pride Christmas Nutcracker “and wheelchair-accessible Santa.

​A Museum Is Reclassifying One Roman Emperor As a Trans Woman

The update, based on ancient texts and evidence, shows that "pronouns are not a new thing."

Omegle, the Wild West of the World Wide Web, Is Shutting Down Permanently

After years of being involved in child sexual abuse lawsuits, the website is gone.

Watch 'SNL' Epicly Drag George Santos For Spending Campaign Money on OnlyFans

“Of course I’m gay, Colin. I invented being gay,” Bowen Yang as George Santos said. “I was the one at Stonewall who said, ‘Here’s an idea you guys should kiss.’”

Trans People Are Being Killed at Extreme Rates & the GOP Still Pushes Transphobic Laws

The Human Rights Campaign released its annual report on Transgender Day of Remembrance, highlighting the disproporionate violence transgender and gender nonconforming people face.

In Search of a Safe Space, Club Q Shooting Survivors Look for Ways to Push Forward Without Fear

A shooter killed 5 people at a Colorado gay bar just before midnight on November 19, 2022. More than a dozen were injured. Here some share their thoughts on what's happened in the last year.

Fans Speak Out After Someone Died From the Heat at Taylor Swift's Brazil Concert

We spoke with three fans who attended Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert in Rio de Janeiro where a fan died due to excessive heat, and they share what they experienced and saw in person.

George Santos Spent a Lot of Money on Designer Goods, Botox & OnlyFans

The House Ethics Committee’s report unveils U.S. Rep. George Santos’s misuse of campaign funds, including spending on OnlyFans, as Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia continues to call for his expulsion.

WeHo's Iconic Gay Bar The Abbey Has Been Sold

The sale ensures the landmark queer gathering space remains with family.

Dustin Lance Black & Tom Daley 'Grateful' After Assault Case Dismissal

The Academy Award-winning writer was accused of an alleged altercation in 2022.

Spencer's & The Phluid Project Announce New Sexual Wellness Collection

This new collection features products for people of every gender, experience, and ability.

Screen Actors Guild & AMPTP Reach Deal to End the Strike

It seems like SAG and Hollywood studios have finally struck a deal!

How Queer Was the Roman Empire? Very.

Someone should tell Speaker Mike Johnson that while the Roman Empire was pretty queer, according to historians, that wasn't what caused its fall.

Target's CEO Doesn't Regret Pulling LGBTQ+ Pride Merch From Shelves

Brian Cornell reveals serious safety threats faced by Target employees due to conservative attacks on the store’s Pride Month collection.

'Queer For Fear' Workers Defend Bryan Fuller Against Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A new Variety article details the accounts of 14 people who say what producer Sam Wineman alleges is wrong.

Here's Why An Anti-Trans Documentary Is Taking Over X

Ads for PragerU's Detrans documentary flooded users' feeds earlier this week.

Gay Adult Film Star Hank Hightower Dies At 57

Hightower’s friend announced his passing in a recent Facebook post.

Disgraced 'Call Me by Your Name' Actor Armie Hammer Just Returned to Social Media

The controversial CMBYN star has broken his social media silence after sexual misconduct and cannibalism accusations.