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Michael Musto

The Year in Queer (Part 2): Miley’s Bi— and So Is Everyone Else!

Miley Cyrus Drag Queens

A Look Back at 2015’s Gayest Show Biz Moments

Part 1 | From Caitlyn to Carol, Here's a Look Back at 2015's Gayest Show Biz Moments

Here are more of the gay people and events who made 2015 even gayer than a twink with an upturned collar:

In May, the populace of Ireland voted overwhelmingly for gay marriage. Drag activistPanti Bliss--who spoke in an impassioned manner about this subject the year before--was seen as an integral figure in the sea change. Time for some updated Irish Spring commercials! Three months later, the U.S. Supreme Court decreed in favor of same-sex marriage in our own fine country, a momentous decision that furthered equal rights in a stunning stroke of genius. Gays all over the country breathed a sigh of relief, no longer having to use their frequent flyer miles to get hitched.

Celebs seemed to get extra frisky, as the mood became more accepting. For example, Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal ripped up her paper moon and stepped right up to the truth, revealing that she's been dating mostly women lately. Wow! Was there something fabulous in the water on the set of LittleDarlings, the 1980 film starring Tatum, Kristy McNichol, and Cynthia Nixon? According to some reports, Tatum was even dating Rosie O'Donnell (who, by the way, was in a serious rift with her daughter, proving that LGBT parents have problems just like the other kind).

Meanwhile, in a Paper cover story, Miley Cyrus said she's open to being with either gender and has had serious relationships with women. Soon after that, she was reportedly dating a Victoria's secret model. But wait, Miley wasn't even born when they made Little Darlings. What was up here?

Oh, but lil' darling Kristen Stewart's mom was quoted to say her daughter's involved with her female assistant. There were equivocations, but Kristen responded that she's not hiding, though she wasn't confirming either. And suddenly, it was breaking dawn in our fixation on the Twilight saga.

Raven-Symone--who was in a relationship with a woman but doesn't like the word "gay" applied to her--apparently doesn't mind "TV cohost"; she was signed to The View. That's so Raven! Meanwhile, Hollywood Reporter weighed in with this headline: " 'Quasi-Straight' Rosie Perez Recalls Lesbian Relationship: 'All I Wanted To Do Was Hump Her'." Alas, all The View wanted to do was dump her, but don't worry; Rosie's admission had nothing to do with it, and she'll surely soar again.

Who's The Boss's Danny Pintauro--all grown up--told Oprah that he's HIV positive and added that BDSM sex led to his meth addiction. (Who's the boss indeed?) This was all too much for Kirk Cameron's sister to take on...yep, The View.

Film star Zach Quinto bristled when asked if he's the go-to guy for gay roles. Tom Hardy bristled when asked about an interesting old interview he did about some past dalliances. And Kentucky clerk Kim Davis cited her religious beliefs in refusing to issue gay wedding licenses, going blindly against the face of the Supreme Court's decision. But religious intolerance couldn't trump the law of the land. Kim was hauled off to jail for a while--possibly sent there by God so she could get intimate with some members of the LGBT community and learn a little, lol. When she got out, she claimed she had a meeting with the Pope, who allegedly congratulated her on her courage! Is that what discrimination is called these days? Fortunately, the Vatican downplayed the whole encounter, saying the only real audience granted by the Pope at the Apostolic Nunciature was with a gay ex student of his and his partner. Meanwhile, writer Kevin Sessums helped put the Davis situation into perspective with a tweet: "She's not Rosa Parks. She's George Wallace."

Also: Elton John said he desperately wanted to discuss LGBT rights with Vladimir Putin, but the Kremlin denied reports that the Russian leader had responded with a return phone call, saying it was just a prank. It made you wonder if Elton's duet with Eminem really happened. And then, supposedly, Putin really called! Magic! Could a remake of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" be far behind?

On TV, last season's winner of RuPaul's DragRace was Violet Chachki. I was thrilled, having had a bitch fight with one of the runners up.

On the "historical fiction" show Aquarius, mass murderer Charles Manson had a relationship with his male ex-lawyer. And suddenly there was someone we didn't want to claim as a gay brother, thank you.

In other criminally related news, was busted by authorities and shut down. I guess the secret finally got out that it was a site consisting of boys for rent.

In the Broadway arena, Fun Home won the Tony for Best Musical. A Lisa Kron-penned show based on Alison Bechdel's graphic memoir about her life as an emerging lesbian with a closeted dad, it hit critics and audiences as raw, powerful, and even entertaining.

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Laverne Cox was cast as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in an upcoming TV version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I didn't hear a peep of complaint about a transsexual playing a sweet transvestite. And that's fine with me--I think people should play people.

A fading televangelist from Transylvania, Pat Robertson, said gays should wear specially colored outfits as a warning to straight people. But we already do, darling! And we look faaaabulous!

Nathan Lane got married, Reid Ewing (Modern Family) came out, and Two and a Half Men actressHolland Taylor revealed that she's in a relationship with a woman, who reportedly turned out to be Sarah Paulson (and no, Taylor's ex costar Charlie Sheen didn't turn her gay). Speaking of Sheen, when he announced that he has HIV, the response proved that we've barely moved forward from the Rock Hudson days in the '80s. Once again, we were awash in hysteria, blame, gossip, payoffs, and a sense of criminalization.

But as the year started winding down, we got hit with the biggest story of all time:Nick Jonas wouldn't confirm or deny whether he'd had same-sex encounters! Yay!!! (Or maybe I'm just desperate. Happy 2016.)

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