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Why Teen Idols Are Essential to Achieving Gay Puberty

Also: Cabaret Is Back on Broadway, And So Is Evita!

If Donald Trump Were Gay, Then What?

Also: Are liberals who dis intolerant conservatives intolerant? 

From the Vaults: A Tribute to Iconic '90s Gay Club Jackie 60

After nearly a decade of inspired debauchery, the nightclub of the '90s closed its doors. 

From the Vaults: Julianne Moore on her Gayest Films

Michael Musto unearths the gay subtext in the award-winning actor’s work—and life—while chatting about 2002's two gayest films: Far From Heaven and The Hours. 

15 Camp Film Classics Every Gay Must See

Also: Scaramucci is following all the gays! 

What To Do When Your Friend's a Gay Republican

Also: Performer Penny Arcade wants to add "F" to LGBTQ. 

When Your Parents Figure Out That You're Gay...

Also: Boys in the Band casting ideas involving Jim Parsons & NPH!

Drag Queens Have Been Reading Up a Storm (And Not to Filth)

Also: Openly lesbian Dale Soules promoted on OITNB! Bette Midler headed to Fire Island? 

Sex Apps Aren't Just for Hookups Anymore, They're for Boyfriend Hunting!

Also: Sasha Velour brings drag to the outer limits! Judith sheds light on the artistic process! 

Drag Queens Can't Just Lip-Synch Anymore! That Isn't Enough!

Also: Laurie Metcalf on the new Roseanne reboot! Old Stars Come Out—Or Don’t!

Barbra Streisand Dishes on 'The Way We Were' & 'A Star is Born'

Also: Diana Ross shimmies & dazzles! Elle Fanning as a trans boy!