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Matt Bomer Orders Jonathan Bailey Around in Steamy Fellow Travelers Clip

Matt Bomer Orders Jonathan Bailey Around in Steamy Fellow Travelers Clip

matt bomer and jonathan bailey

This is the must-watch show of the fall!

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey have all the chemistry in the world in this new Fellow Travelers sneak preview!

As we get closer to the show’s October 27 release date, we're getting more and more excited for it, and this new preview shows exactly why! If you’ve ever needed proof that gay actors should play gay characters, this scene is it!

The scene is certainly sexy, but it also shows the dangers of the era the men lived in and the show takes place in.

As Bomer’s Hawk Fuller lounges in his chair with his shirt unbuttoned and pants off, he orders Tim to take off his jacket. Tim is explaining what’s been going on with Roy Cohn and Joseph McCarthy, who he was working with.

Tim comes and sits in Hawk’s lap, explaining that McCarthy and Cohn are trying to take credit for an upcoming executive order that President Roosevelt was going to make. There’s a heaviness to the conversation, as the two men are living in the shadow of some of the most vigilant anti-communist and anti-gay crusaders in American government history.

When Hawk tries to get up to go to a party, Tim asks if he can go. “You’re not dressed for it, you don’t have a date,” Hawk tells him. “This is the real world, Skippy.”

“I’m your boy, right?” Bailey asks. “And your boy wants to go to the party.”

As he lowers himself on his knees towards Hawk, Hawk looks him in the eye and asks “How much does he want to go?”

Fellow Travelers, created by Oscar nominee Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia), is an eight-episode drama starring Bomer, Bailey, Jelani Alladin, Noah J. Rickets, and Allison Williams.

It will debut on Paramount+ with Showtime on October 27.

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