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jonathan bailey

This video of Jonathan Bailey grinding his hips is making us (and the internet) go feral

How can we get invited to a Jonathan Bailey dance party?

Matt Bomer says he and Jonathan Bailey 'bonded for life' after toe-sucking in 'Fellow Travelers'

"It's a very sacred friendship for me," Bomer said.

Is 'bottom-shaming' why 'Fellow Travelers' star Jonathan Bailey got snubbed at another award show?!?

The gays are wondering if Bailey’s co-star Matt Bomer’s performance is getting “top privilege” during this awards season.

Here are 13 out actors we'd cast in a new, all-gay '300' movie

Out actor Jonathan Bailey is dying to star in the film alongside all queer actors and are here for it!

Jonathan Bailey's Grandma Had the Coolest Reaction to His 'Fellow Travelers' Sex Scenes

And she had some thoughts about Bridgerton, too.

Jonathan Bailey Spills the Tea on the Gay Group Photo That Nearly Broke The Internet

How did the impossibly hot Jonathan Bailey, Matt Bomer, Paul Mescal, and Andrew Scott all end up in ONE photo together?

'Fellow Travelers' Included This Real Piece of Gay History in the Series Finale

“People are forgetting about AIDS, they’re forgetting about the quilt,” Ron Nyswander said.

Jonathan Bailey Says His 'Life Was Threatened' in Recent Homophobic Incident

Bailey, who is starring in the show Fellow Travelers, had a scary run in recently.

Drew Barrymore Got to Make Out With Matt Bomer & We're Jealous AF

"I never meet a straight man I'm attracted to, I only am attracted to gay men. What's wrong with me?" Barrymore asks on her talk show.

Jonathan Bailey Is Officially Taken: 'It's Not Secret, But It's Private'

The Fellow Travelers and Bridgerton actor confirmed that he has a partner.

Jonathan Bailey Says 'Wicked' Film Will 'Blow People's Minds'

The Fellow Travelers star plays Fiyero in the upcoming two-part musical movie.

Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, & More: 15 Internet Boyfriends We Adore

These men are our dream Internet Boyfriends!

From Jacob Elordi to Jonathan Bailey, Here Are 10 of the Internet's Best Babygirls

We'd do anything to protect these babygirls!

​Matt Bomer's Role In 'Fellow Travelers' Was Possible Because He Turned Down Barbie

The actor was able to play gay characters in two prestige projects after saying no to playing one of the Kens.

The 'Fellow Travelers' Stars Are Sharing Adorable Behind-the-Scenes Pics

Now that the SAG strike of 2023 is over, the Fellow Travelers actors are sharing lots of cute behind-the-scenes pictures on social media!

The Ultimate Internet Boyfriend Fourway Happened IRL

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey and Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, oh my!

Here's How the 'Fellow Travelers' Team Filmed THAT Sexy Foot Scene

Fellow Travelers is already one of the sexiest shows in recent memory!

'Fellow Travelers' Trailer Builds Up Political Intrigue & Gay Intimacy

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey embark in a forbidden love story on Showtime’s Fellow Travelers.

Out Staff Explores the Importance & Timeliness of 'Fellow Travelers'

Stars Matt Bomer, Jonathan Bailey, Jelani Alladin, and Noah J. Ricketts formed a found family together and brought some serious chemistry to the set of the upcoming Showtime drama.

Jonathan Bailey & Matt Bomer's Spicy 'Fellow Travelers' Scenes Followed These 2 Rules

The actors had to follow two rules when getting intimate on Fellow Travelers.