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jonathan bailey

'Fellow Travelers' star Jonathan Bailey had the best reaction to his Emmy nomination

Congratulations to Emmy nominee Jonathan Bailey!

'Fellow Travelers' was snubbed from the Limited Series category at the Emmys

The stars of beloved queer miniseries were recognized by Emmy voters, but the show itself got zilch!

Joe Locke is gallivanting shirtless in the sea in these new pics

The Heartstopper star was enjoying an Italian vacation!

'Bridgerton' star Jessica Madsen comes out: 'I'm in love with a woman'

A very happy Pride Month to the actress who plays Cressida Cowper on Netflix's Bridgerton!

Dressed up or dressed down? 25 celebs who look great going both ways

No matter what state of dress (or undress) they are in, these 25 celebs always look good!

28 actors who showed bare ass in movies & TV shows

These booties deserve a standing ovation!

Sky's out, thighs out: 25 pics of guys in short shorts to heat up your summer

Who loves short shorts!? WE love short shorts!!

Matt Bomer is bursting out of his shorts & we almost poked an eye out

The Fellow Travelers star was photographed on the beach in the smallest shorts ever and the internet is FERAL!

Jonathan Bailey & Andrew Scott formed a twunk sandwich around Kylie Minogue in hottest selfie ever

The trio were hanging out and having a great time at the recent 2024 Met Gala.

15 hunky celebs in their shorty shorts that leave us weak in the knees

These guys look hot in their teeny tiny shorts!

Loewe basically won the 2024 Met Gala

Creative Director Jonathan Anderson had a shining moment at this year's Met Gala thanks to all the A-Listers who wore his designs on the Met Gala red carpet!

Jonathan Bailey joins 'Heartstopper' as the celebrity crush of our dreams

The Bridgerton and Fellow Travelers star is officially joining the Heartstopper series on Netflix!

This video of Jonathan Bailey swishing his hips is making us (and the internet) go feral

How can we get invited to a Jonathan Bailey dance party?

Matt Bomer says he and Jonathan Bailey 'bonded for life' after toe-sucking in 'Fellow Travelers'

"It's a very sacred friendship for me," Bomer said.

Is 'bottom-shaming' why 'Fellow Travelers' star Jonathan Bailey got snubbed at another award show?!?

The gays are wondering if Bailey’s co-star Matt Bomer’s performance is getting “top privilege” during this awards season.

Here are 13 out actors we'd cast in a new, all-gay '300' movie

Out actor Jonathan Bailey is dying to star in the film alongside all queer actors and are here for it!

Jonathan Bailey's Grandma Had the Coolest Reaction to His 'Fellow Travelers' Sex Scenes

And she had some thoughts about Bridgerton, too.

Jonathan Bailey Spills the Tea on the Gay Group Photo That Nearly Broke The Internet

How did the impossibly hot Jonathan Bailey, Matt Bomer, Paul Mescal, and Andrew Scott all end up in ONE photo together?

'Fellow Travelers' Included This Real Piece of Gay History in the Series Finale

“People are forgetting about AIDS, they’re forgetting about the quilt,” Ron Nyswander said.