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Gay Country Singer Adam Mac Backs Out of Music Festival Over Homophobia

Gay Country Singer Adam Mac Backs Out of Music Festival Over Homophobia

maren morris and adam mac

Fortunately, other music stars, including Maren Morris, are offering their support to Mac.

Gay country singer Adam Mac, who was supposed to headline the upcoming Logan County Tobacco and Heritage Festival in his hometown of Russellville, Kentucky, has now announced that he is stepping down from the performance after he found out some board members were “concerned” that he was going to be “promoting homosexuality” while on stage.

Mac announced the news in an Instagram video, saying this wasn’t a video he wanted to make, and that he’s been having a lot of stress. He explained that the government employee who had worked to bring him on as a headliner at the annual Logan County Tobacco and Heritage Festival had called him up again, saying that others weren’t as excited as she was to have him perform.

“She explained to me that there were some board members and some people in town who had questions about what kind of performance I would be putting on at the Tobacco Festival, and wanted to ensure that I would not be promoting homosexuality or ‘sexuality’ in a family-friendly environment,” he recounted. “I don't know what they expected I was going to do other than just come and put on a hell of a show, like we do. It was made aware to me that there were people in the town that were very upset that they would have a gay person headline the festival.”

Mac said that, of course, people have the right to not listen to his music, but he didn’t expect that a town he grew up in for 20 years would actively protest him.

“[It's] just so disheartening, and I went back and forth all night long about what is the right thing to do, because a part of me feels like it would be letting down the people who need to see me most there in that space and the people who just were so excited for me to come home and put on a show,” he said. “It also feels like if I don't do the show, I'm caving and letting those people win, which, also, if you know me is not something that I like to do. It's hard for me to say this, but I think the best move forward is to cancel the show and let them book someone else who will not be as controversial, I guess.”

But Mac isn’t facing this homophobia alone. In fact, several country music stars have come out in support of him.

Queer singer Brandy Clark commented on the post saying, “This is heartbreaking @adammacmusic … BUT it is THEIR loss!!!!”

Kelsea Ballerini, who has long been an ally, and brought drag queens on stage with her to perform at the 2023 CMT Music Awards, commented on the post as well. “This is heartbreaking and so disappointing,” she wrote. “I’m really sorry. You’ve got your army in these comments.”

Grammy-winner Maren Morris, who recently announced that she’s leaving country music due to bigotry from other musicians, fans, and the industry, offered her support too. “You are loved,” she wrote. “I’m sorry this happened but glad you’re sharing it here.”

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