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Gay Country Songs About Getting Your Back Blown Out Are All Over TikTok

Gay Country Songs About Getting Your Back Blown Out Are All Over TikTok

dixon dallas and willy strokem

Now this is what we call country!

You’ve probably heard it by now: “He’s bouncing off my booty cheeks, I love the way he rides/I can hardly breathe when he’s pumping deep inside.”

It’s one hell of a set of lyrics, especially for a country song.

The super-raunchy country bop, “Good Lookin” by Dixon Dallas, is blowing up on TikTok. Who knew that the word “b*ssy” would sound so great in a country song?

Dixon Dallas is an alter ego created by Jake Hill, a rapper and singer from Alabama, and other than his Dallas persona, there are no indications that he’s gay. Still, regardless of whether or not he’s straight, he knows how to write one hell of a gay bop!

Dallas has also released a few other songs, including “Like Whiskey,” which includes lyrics like “Make a little love, show you what my booty do/Boy, turn around, lemme hit it from the back/Yeah, I know how you love it when I do it like that.” Classic!

But Dallas isn’t the only TikTok country alter ego catching our ears! Alex Anderson, vocalist of Midwestern pop-punk band Brooklane, has also created his own gay country persona, Willy Strokem, and he’s calling Dallas out.


Move over Dixon, theres a new sheriff in town 🤠⭐️ #dixondallas #iamjakehill #funny #lmao #countrymusic #todayscountry #yeehaw #willystrokem #fyp #foryou

Strokem released his own short clip of his version of a gay country song with equally raunchy lyrics. “Well I take him out for a view of the city/let him bust his n*t all over my tiddies. Run his hands up my thigh, man he loves the way I moan,” and “Tonight’s gonna be a hell of a rodeo, when I let him stretch my hole.”

Now this is what we call country!

Right now, country music is in a strange place. Two of the top songs (“Try That in a Small Town” by Jason Aldean and “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen) became popular after controversies that the artists were racist, with fans doubling down on their support for the songs once the accusations of racism began.

Meanwhile, Tyler Childers’ song “In Your Love,” which has a music video starring a gay couple played by Colton Haynes and James Scully, and Luke Combs’ cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” a song about being a Black working-class dyke, are bringing some much-needed change to the country charts, and hopefully, these songs by Dallas Dixon and Willy Strokem will join them soon.

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