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Chrissy Chlapecka's 'I'm So Hot' Is Our New Bimbo Anthem

Chrissy Chlapecka's 'I'm So Hot' Is Our New Bimbo Anthem

Chrissy Chlapecka
Chrissy Chlapecka

“The music I'm making is for you guys, and it is for everyone to feel empowered and loved and have something fun to dance to.”

The Age of the Bimbo is upon us! And now we have a new Bimbo Anthem thanks to TikTok star and singer Chrissy Chlapecka.

Chlapecka first adopted the mantle of the bimbo after she got out of an abusive relationship and at a time when she was really struggling with self-love. She was in a bad relationship when the pandemic hit and realized that she couldn’t spend lockdown with that person. So she set herself free.

She looked towards heroes of hers like Dolly Parton, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears. She came out as queer, and she became a version of herself that her younger self would be proud of.

“I had lost such a sense of self being in some pretty toxic situations and really losing a lot of confidence throughout middle school and high school and not knowing how to speak up for myself,” she tells Out. “And I just had to be like, ‘all right, who the f*ck are you?’ And so I really had to decide in that moment, I needed to figure out who Chrissy is, and I don't want to be unhappy anymore. I want to figure it out because I want to be happy.”

“And it's definitely still something I'm working on today. I didn't do it one day and I was like, oh, I'm good. This is an everyday thing,” she adds. “But that's when I really gained the confidence to dress the way I wanted to and speak the way I wanted to. And I really realized, wait, no, people do deserve to hear what I have to say and I want to hear them too. And I am worthy. I am whole.”


im here to protect the girlies! #slay

Now, she spreads that message to her 5 million TikTok followers, posting encouraging videos where she’s wearing pink bikinis, high heels, crop tops, mini dresses, and lingerie, telling girls, gays, and theys to love themselves and never settle for less than they deserve.

She’s starting a revolution, with people across the country and world also adopting the aesthetic, confidence, and lifestyle of the bimbo. That means adopting radical leftist politics, radical self-love, and radical fashion.

But Chrissy isn’t done there. She’s also set to take over the music world with her debut single — the delightfully debaucherous and wonderfully hedonistic “I’m So Hot.”

Getting into music has been a lifelong dream of Chlapecka, who grew up doing musical theater. After she found success creating content on TikTok, she started making real moves by writing and recording music. When she collaborated with producer Dallas Caton and songwriter Alex Veltre, she hit gold.

“I had texted Alex and I was like, oh my God, what if we wrote a song that's like, ‘I'm so hot I'd fuck myself?’” she says. “I feel like my first song has to stay on brand with who I am – and all the music will – but I was like, it's got to be a statement piece if I'm going to put out any music. And she was like, please don't write that with anyone else. That's got to be us. And so we wrote it in probably three, four hours and that was it. It was done.”

When it comes to whether or not the song is actually good, I’ve got great news: the song rocks. Like many TikTok songs, it contains a few earworm-y hooks and standout moments (Chlapecka off-handedly singing “why would I — never mind” before going into the chorus is a sublime moment.) It’s got a perfect beat and sound for gay clubs. This song will get you lit any and every night of the week.

“I can't wait to hear my song in queer spaces,” she says. “I think those spaces are so special and so meaningful, and those are the spaces that I go to to feel better and feel welcome and safe.”

chrissy chlapecka - i’m so hot // lyricssong: chrissy chlapecka - im so hot ⭑*•̩̩͙⊱••••✩••••̩̩͙⊰•*⭑ ✧ watch in 1080p for the highest quality.

“I want everyone to feel welcome and safe and just come as they are and feel perfect as they are. And that's really what I feel in those spaces,” she continues. “So I think the minute it plays in a gay club or in a gay space, I'm going to probably break down in tears because it's just going to be so meaningful on so many levels to me. Because I've definitely listened to Britney Spears in the club and been like, ‘I love you guys!’”

Chlapecka is also excited to get to perform the song live and in front of fans. She even already has some plans for Pride performances. She also is releasing more music in the coming months and hopes to have an EP out by the end of 2023.

In the end, she says everything she does is for the bimbos, himbos, thembos, and herbos out there.

“The music I'm making is for you guys, and it is for everyone to feel empowered and loved and have something fun to dance to,” she says. “And the wait is going to be worth it because I'm putting so much work and so much thought into what I'm doing and I know people are going to love it. It's just going to be a fun journey we all get to go on together because it's my journey sure, but I've got everyone here with me, so it's ours. We're doing it together, and I can't wait to keep sharing and keep feeding everyone.”

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