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Slayyyter Talks New Music, the Gays, & Her Upcoming Tour With Tove Lo

Slayyyter Talks New Music, the Gays, & Her Upcoming Tour With Tove Lo


"My happy place is drunk in the middle of a dancefloor," the singer tells Out.



The ground seems to shake as the crowd screams these Slayyyter lyrics at 2pm on a Saturday. The 26-year-old commands the Austin City Limits music festival stage with her unmistakable brand of chaos pop, a glitzy exclamation of sex, drugs, and queer euphoria.

In an exclusive new interview with Out, the bisexual pop star talks about her upcoming album, hyperpop influences, her music appearing in Gen Z slasher film Bodies Bodies Bodies, going on tour with Tove Lo, and more.

Out: First off, Bodies Bodies Bodies. Your song "Daddy AF" is the first song we hear at the beginning of the film and it really sets the tone. How did you feel watching that?

Slayyyter: It was crazy. When you get song sync requests, they don't tell you specifically how it's going to be used or what it's going to do. I was in the theaters watching it and then it was the "Daddy AF" extended remix, the longest I've ever heard that song played, I was floored. Hearing your song pump in the movie theater is amazing. And the movie was just so funny and good, I genuinely loved it. I love the cast. It was great. I felt so ecstatic.

Your entire ACL crowd was screaming along to "Daddy AF," which felt so chaotic. How did that feel?

It was crazy. I feel like even if people don't know my music, for some reason people know that one at least. Maybe from TikTok or the movie or something, I don't know. It's really fun. It always goes hard. You always see straight boys off in the corner like, "yeah!" Okay!

Why do you love to make these clubby chaotic songs?

It's the music I listen to for the most part. I spend a lot of my time in nightlife. I'm in those really chaotic nightclub spaces all the time. My happy place is drunk in the middle of a dancefloor. That's the music I gravitate towards.

You're right in the middle of this rise of hyperpop as a genre. What attracted you to it?

When I was a little kid, I loved Eurodance. Like the Aqua song "Barbie." There were a lot of songs that every kid loves. I loved high-energy pop songs like that. When I was in college, that's when SOPHIE debuted. I remember her debuting and being absolutely floored, like, "what is this, I've never heard anything like it." It's just cool when music can push a lot of boundaries. Be electronic and still be pop, be this but not quite that. I like the room to experiment.

How does it feel to be a part of this mainstream movement?

People call my music that. I feel like I grow and shift a lot with sounds I like and am interested in. I would say my next chapter is not very hyperpop at all. But I definitely dabbled in it. Some artists hate the label but I feel like every genre of music is going to have subgenres and labels and terms people use. If you wear the color pink, people are like, ballet core. So I don't mind it.

What's your next chapter going to look like?

I have a really crazy album about love and fame and Hollywood and sex and drugs, because I've been living in LA for three years absolutely going off my rockers.

A good chunk of your fan base is queer. The gays love you. How does that make you feel as an artist?

It's amazing. I was always the girl that gravitated toward queer pop music. The one girl at Marina and the Diamonds or whatever. It's a very comfortable space to have my music be appreciated because it was the music I always loved. I was a little monster. It's a natural coming together.

You're going on tour with Tove Lo!

I can't believe it. I'm so excited. I kid you not on my own tour this year, every single day we would play "No One Dies From Love." I became obsessed with it. I made everyone watch the video. I was like, "ohmygod, this is the song of tour." Then we got the offer and I was like, no way, I manifested this. So crazy, I'm so excited.

What are your favorite Tove Lo songs?

I love "Disco Tits" obviously. "No One Dies From Love" is amazing. I really like "shedon'tknowbutsheknows." Anything from Lady Wood is really good. "Cool Girl." I'm a stan. Every night I'm going to be knowing all the words.

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