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Looking GIF-cap: Ross, Rachel And O-Faces

Looking GIF-cap: Ross, Rachel And O-Faces

Patrick gets his Ross on in episode 5

This week on Looking, it was all about Patrick, Patrick, some more Patrick, and Richie. The show cast the other boys aside in a half-hour focused solely on the budding relationship, and it offered a few tidbits about Patrick's character that make some of his idiosyncrasies a bit clearer.

First, we finally know what Jonathan Groff looks like in bed! With hard nipples and Richie's head between his legs, Patrick offered up the series' first O-face. It was also the episode's only moment when Patrick stopped talking.


The intimate moment led to an interesting reveal about Patrick: His cum tastes like pineapple. Apparently Dole has taken product placement to a subversive new level.


After the boys got dressed, the day turned into a nonstop Patrick information train. Patrick steered much of the conversation with trivia about his life:

1) He's a bit of a control freak;

2) He's paranoid about STDs and HIV ("I sneeze and I think I have HIV...");

3) He had a major crush on Sean Astin from The Goonies;

4) He has some major mommy issues (which makes it sound like his sister's wedding is going to be the Gay Red Wedding of San Francisco);

5) He doesn't like silences (especially on dates - so don't run out of anything to say before the appetizer);

6) He's an ex-fatty;

7) He doesn't know Spanish. That's information that should be discussed before going to see a Mexican fortune teller;


8) His first sexual experience with a guy was giving a handjob to a classmate on a school bus;

9) He's a total Ross...

When Richie surprised Patrick by taking him to the planetarium, the episode took a decidedly Friends turn. The moment, called out by Richie, was followed by a discussion of Ross and Rachel. She is the aggressive top to Ross' submissive bottom.


While Patrick balked at this idea (he's Ross because he's geeky), he admitted to not liking that particular position in bed.


The moment of bottom-shaming was corrected by the end of the episode when Patrick told Richie he wanted to bottom for him. Patrick had finally opened up emotionally and physically.

With Kevin out of the picture, Patrick is focusing all his attention on Richie. The real question is: Is Richie ready for Patrick?

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