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3 Reasons Why Dominic Cooper Should Play Freddie Mercury

3 Reasons Why Dominic Cooper Should Play Freddie Mercury


It all starts with that 'stache (and keeps going on from there)


We were getting all hot and bothered with the idea of Daniel Radcliffe playing the mustachioed role of Queen front man Freddie Mercury in a much-talked-about-never-realized film of the rock 'n' roll legend after original star Sacha Baron Cohen was booted from the biopic. Now, that we know from Danny himself that it's not going to happen, we have new hopes for the movie that we want to see. According to Latino Review, a "trusted source" says Dominic Cooper is now considering the project, and insiders are buzzing that the Mamma Mia! star is a good choice because he can sing and actually looks like Freddie.

Well, we are surprised we didn't think of this FIRST! We've loved Dominic Cooper LONG before he was even taking his abs out for a stroll in Mamma Mia! and was just a cutie from The History Boys (way back in 2006). Then he turned up all furry and fantastic in the little-seen (but very good) The Devil's Double. And if since we know you haven't the watched the film where Cooper plays both Uday Hussein (disgusting son of Saddam) and his likable body double, here are three shots of why you should.

It's time for some Dominic Cooper love, so we say, "Let's make it happen!"


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