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We Remember When: Dominic Cooper


(Left: Still by Sofie Silbermann - (c) 2010 - Anchor Bay Entertainment / Right: Ram Shergill for Out)

Now that Dominic Cooper is channeling his Al-Paciono-as-Scarface-I'm-gonna-be-all-butch-and-badass in this summer's The Devil's Double (in which he plays both Uday Hussein and his body double), we started remembering when he was a sweet-faced cherub in The History Boys (way back in 2006!).

So we dug through the Out archives, and found this shot included in our June/July 2008 Hot List (No. 6 to be exact). Shot by Ram Shergill to highlight his turn in Mamma Mia! (where he first showed off those abs!), Cooper wore a flouncy bow that was bringing some serious romantic "The Blue Boy" realness. The previous photo in the spread, in which he wore four bowties (three white, one blue), was just too much to do to the stud.

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