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Let's Get Artichoked

Actor, writer, and producer Dan Bucatinsky (who wrote a great essay about being a gay dad for us) celebrated 19 years of being with his husband, writer and director Don Roos, by posting an op-ed about marriage equality on Huffington Post's Gay Voices. To him, it's not about what you call a union between two people of the same sex, as long as it provides the same benefits of a "traditional" marriage. "We'd be happy to use a different word, say, 'artichoke,'" he wrote, "as long as the government offered all of the same rights, privileges and protection to all couples who were--'artichoked.'"

Dan ends his defense of gay marriage, and love letter to his husband, with a great quote summing up what it really means to be married:

I read an opponent to gay marriage liken it to "letting two goats get married." Well, here's what I say: if two goats devote 18 years to living together and fighting over fabric swatches and what shows to TiVo and why a mouse pad is not a romantic anniversary gift and names for their kids and whether PG-13 is appropriate for a 5-year-old and whether $25 is too much to pay for a toddler gymnastics class and whether sunscreen is really necessary or just a conspiracy to make people buy it and force us to have to slather it on our kids, which is annoying and messy and stains clothing, and all the while never having sex, then those goats should be allowed to get married.

Read his whole piece over at Huffington Post.

Read Bucatinsky's piece in Out here.

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