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"Cross-Dressing Man" Shags Dog in Castle Moat

Photo: Getty Images

[Editor's note: In this day and age, it's difficult to know if the correct language is being used when discussing people of alternative gender expressions, especially by mainstream media. The source sited below refers to the individual in question as a "transvestite" and "cross-dresser," so we are using male pronouns. We at least want to consider that perhaps this person is actually trans or doesn't fall neatly into a specific category of gender expression.]

The Telegraph is reporting that a 33-yr-old "cross-dressing man" was caught after he "mounted" a lady's dog. The animal had apparently run after him, into the dry moat of Pendennis Castle (above left), in Cornwall, U.K.

The dog (who remains unnamed) had been out for a walk with its owner and a friend when they remember spotting the "lone transvestite" around noon on a busy Saturday. He was walking around the moat wearing a black dress, and upon spotting the ladies, ran away. Later, the dog pursued him and when the ladies caught up, sexual intercourse was underway.

Staff -- alerted by the outraged ladies -- restrained the offender until police arrived. While being escorted home, he made a full confession and escaped with only a caution for public indecency.

A spokesman for English Heritage said, rather needlessly, one would imagine: "This was a very rare incident."
The castle was once built for King Henry VII, who might have gotten a kick out of it all. Or had them all beheaded -- it was hard to say with Henry.

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