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The (Near) Future of Meryl Streep

If you haven't seen Julie & Julia yet, do it. Not only is the acting (surprise) superb, the movie is downright hilarious. [ed note: I stand by my review, but I'm willing to allow Gregory his opinion -- however misguided.] As in most cases involving the ridiculously phenomenal Streep, I was left wanting more, so I quickly headed over to IMDB to check out what's in store for my relationship with the esteemed actress.

November 13th sees Streep as the voice of Mrs. Fox in the Wes Anderson adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Starring opposite Streep is none other than dream boat George Clooney. While animated films may not be your cup of tea, this sounds like it may be one of those rare fun for everyone films. I mean, if Streep agreed to it, how bad can it be, right? (This is, of course, ignoring The Ant Bully. We all make mistakes!)

Something a little more exciting, however, is It's Complicated, due out Christmas Day. Streep stars alongside Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. The plot doesn't seem terribly exciting (woman divorces man, then has an affair with said man), but I'm all for this film based upon one line Streep utters in the trailer above -- "Turns out, I'm a bit of a slut." Priceless.


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