Exclusive! Portland Mayor Sam Adams Speaks!

Exclusive! Portland Mayor Sam Adams Speaks!


It's one of those stories that seems too made-for-TV movie to be true: Young, charming, attractive openly gay man runs for mayor of a major U.S. city, wins, and before he can even take office is forced to admit that he had a relationship with a teenage legislative intern -- whose name is, no lie, Beau Breedlove -- several years earlier.

Now Sam Adams is dealing with the aftermath of his admission (he denied similar allegations when they popped up in 2007) but refuses to resign from his new position. In an Out.com exclusive, Portland's mayor discusses his decision to stay in office, how he plans to weather the scandal, and disappointing his supporters:

Out: There’re a lot of gay people who are really angry with you. What do you say to them?
Sam Adams: I totally understand why they’re angry. I’ve let them down. I’m very, very sorry for that. I made a bad decision. And the best thing I can do right now is to work at trying to make amends by serving the people of Portland the best I can.

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