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Cyndi Lauper Releases Lost Track

Cyndi Lauper Releases Lost Track


Listen to 'Rules & Regulations' from 1983

We've long been fans of Cyndi here at Out (she was last featured on the cover of the Out100. When the iconic album She's So Unusual turned 30 in October, we were obviously excited for a bit the nostalgia trip (although it took these fans and friends to prove it). And we know boys just want to have fun as much as the girls.

Now that her two-disc She's So Unusual: A 30th Anniversary Celebration is due out on April 1, we couldn't be more excited. The new release of the album includes demos, rehearsals, B-sides, live tracks, and remixes. Yes!

As Rolling Stone states: "Unusual was arguably the first time explicitly punk-influenced elements were front-and-center on the pop landscape, both musically and via Lauper's Patrick Lucas-styled ensembles, dressing up the droll Reagan decade in feminist chutzpah."

We couldn't agree more. But it turns out there was something left on the cutting room floor and now is being excavated for our 2014 ears: "Rules & Regulations," a song ultimately left off the album. Lauper tells Rolling Stone:

"The recording we have from the rehearsal was done using an old Sony Walkman. In the end, the song didn't make the record. You have to remember back in the '80s, the main format for albums was vinyl. Each side of the album had to be under 30 minutes, so you had to decide what the best 60 minutes of music was. This song didn't make the list, even though I thought it was a good song."

Stream the song below.

Cyndi Lauper - "Rules and Regulations"

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