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Kályd Odeh Spills the Tea on Doing Melissa McCarthy's Pride Makeup

Kályd Odeh Spills the Tea on Doing Melissa McCarthy's Pride Makeup

Kályd Odeh Spills the Tea on Doing Melissa McCarthy's Pride Makeup

In an exclusive interview with Out, the makeup artist is opening up on his latest big gig.

Kályd Odeh is certainly NOT a poor unfortunate soul.

With Pride Month in full swing, many parades and festivals are taking place throughout the country.

Most recently, West Hollywood's Pride took place on Santa Monica Boulevard and Melissa McCarthy was one of the celebs who showed her support in the colorful parade.

Although many of McCarthy's fans were drawn to tears while watching the star wave her rainbow flag, her makeup is also getting a ton of attention from the LGBTQ+ community.

Kályd Odeh painted McCarthy's perfect mug for the long day and fans are rejoining that the actress hired a queer makeup artist for the big occasion.

"It was insane. I literally can't tell you how much I cried over the weekend. It's such a big deal and I'm such a huge fan. The Little Mermaid is such a big deal in my storybook life, so it was amazing," Odeh tells Out.

Odeh describes the entire day as an "out-of-body experience," from the initial concept of McCarthy's makeup to walking beside her float in the parade.

"It was literally goosebumps. My cheeks hurt from smiling. It's just such a beautiful thing because something I got right off the bat with her is just a beautiful sense of genuineness and kindness. [Also,] we found out we went to the same high school! We went to Plainfield High School, which is crazy! It's funny how sometimes the universe does things."

The live adaptation of The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey and Melissa McCarthy, is shattering records around the world. While fans are loving the new version, many fans called out McCarthy's underwhelming makeup transformation.

"When I look at artistry in general, I don't look at a queer artist or non-queer artist. Art is art. The artist who did Ursula, I thought he did a great job. I'm sure he had a brief and he did a good job at it," Odeh says.

Although some people didn't love Ursula's makeup, the LGBTQ+ community couldn't be more thrilled that McCarthy hired Odeh for WeHo Pride.

"We're always fighting and it's so easy to go the negative route, [so] it was amazing to have such beautiful support from so many of the queens. I [also] appreciate [Out Magazine] talking to me about this. It's been a whirlwind. You guys have been amazing."

As a well-known makeup artist who also paints plenty of other notable stars like Paula Abdul, Kylie Sonique Love, Alaska, Nina West, and more, you can follow Kályd on Instagram here. To see the full interview with Kályd Odeh, check out the video below.

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