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With 'Hello Again,' Tig Notaro knows she's a role model for queer women

“I had people that I admired from afar, whether it was The Indigo Girls or Ellen DeGeneres, or Melissa Etheridge, all these people,” she says. “It is odd to wake up one day and have people telling me that about myself.

Zane Phillips would love to star in live-action 'Hercules' & we will be SEATED

This is what we mean when we say “Hunkules!”

Zolita's new era proves she's ready to be our 'Queen of Hearts' (exclusive)

One of the hottest voices in sapphic pop is ready for the next chapter in her career, with a new song and album on the way.

Katy O'Brian hopes 'Love Lies Bleeding' shows audiences that women's bodies can look any way

Out spoke to O'Brian, who plays a bodybuilder in the new A24 film that the entire lesbian internet is in love with.

Kristen Stewart says studio notes on 'Happiest Season' felt like 'identity was being squashed'

The Love Lies Bleeding star opens up to Out about one of the most annoying parts of making Happiest Season.

Kristen Stewart says 'Love Lies Bleeding' is 'an enormous lady boner'

"We didn't have to explain why we have our connection... It's like, no, I wanted to f*ck her," she says about her character in the movie.

Kristen Stewart hopes 'Love Lies Bleeding' shows audiences that 'gay people do a lot of stuff'

The Oscar-nominated actress and her co-star Katy O'Brian chat with Out on the red carpet about being complicated, messy queer characters to life.

Kelly Rowland, Trevante Rhodes & more talk their hot (and we mean HOT) new film 'Mea Culpa'

The Destiny's Child icon and the Moonlight star chat with Out about being in Tyler Perry's newest Netflix thriller.

JLo opens up about trusting Ben Affleck to be a part of 'This Is Me...Now'

Out sat down with the legendary pop star and actress to chat about love, life, and her newest cinematic music project.

Heidi Klum has an empowering message for the LGBTQ+ community

With the release of her new track "Sunglasses At Night" with Tiësto, the iconic model is ready for a new chapter in her life.

'Layla's director and star talk drag, family, and sex with high heels

The drama about a British-Arab drag queen recently debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

Colman Domingo: The first Black gay movie star

With Rustin, Colman Domingo — Out's January/February cover star — is poised to make Oscars history. But as a leading man, he's already changing Hollywood.

Queer cinema is shining bright at Sundance 2024—and festival leadership is excited

Sundance's festival director and director of programming are both queer and excited to bring LGBTQ+ cinema to the masses!

'For the Love of DILFS' host Stormy Daniels is ready to help the gays (and herself) find love

The adult star is letting fans see a softer side on the second season of the hit reality dating show.

Reneé Rapp still believes Regina George is 'absolutely, absolutely gay'

And yes, she totally ships Regina and Janis!

Andrew Scott & Paul Mescal talk 'All of Us Strangers' & its haunting lessons on love

In this special digital cover story, the two actors talk to Out about starring in Andrew Haigh's latest, critically-acclaimed drama film All of Us Strangers.

Dan Levy's 'Good Grief' finds true love in friendship

Dan Levy talks to Out about moving on from Schitt's Creek to direct, write, and star in a drama about love and loss that centers found family.

Carmen Carrera Talks 'Drag Latina' & Her Big, Full-Circle Comeback to Reality TV

“It’s great to see that now, 12 years later, I’m hosting a similar show that has trans contestants,” Carmen Carrera tells Out about being a judge on Revry’s Drag Latina. “Because I was really fighting for that from the very beginning.”

​Larry Duplechan Talks Us Through Which Iconic Movies Made Him Gay

In Movies That Made Me Gay, his first book in 15 years, the esteemed author celebrates the films that helped shape who he is.