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Troye Sivan Asked Harry Styles to Join Him in the Bathroom When They First Met

Troye Sivan Asked Harry Styles to Join Him in the Bathroom When They First Met

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Sivan described the singers’ first meeting, which happened at a party early in 2023.

Troye Sivan was certainly feeling the “Rush” when he met Harry Styles!

The Australian singer-songwriter has shared the hilarious account of the first time he met Album of the Year winner Harry Styles! Speaking on British radio show KISS Breakfast, Sivan spilled the juicy details.

“We meet for the first time. I feel like I know him because he's Harry Styles or whatever,” Sivan said. “I’m like super, super chill, and he walks up to a conversation that I was already kind of, like, having, and I just said to the other people, ‘I’m just going to go and make a wee.’”

“I was like, ‘You're going to go to the bathroom? I'm also going to go to the bathroom! Let's go!’” he continued. “As we're walking to the bathroom, I kind of just realized I literally just met this man and I've already suggested that we go to the loo together, and I was like, 'I wonder how he feels about this. Was that just the weirdest, worst thing I could've possibly said in that moment?’”

Sivan said that, luckily, a stranger interrupted and “I just beelined for the bathroom, embarrassed. I thought about it for the rest of the night.”

Watch the interview below.

Sivan is currently doing a press tour for his upcoming album Something To Give Each Other, which features the singles “Rush,” “Got Me Started,” and “One of Your Girls.Something To Give Each Other is Sivan’s third studio album and is slated to drop on October 13, 2023.

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