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Troye Sivan Used Poppers To Get the Perfect Look For His 'Rush' Single Cover

Troye Sivan Used Poppers To Get the Perfect Look For His 'Rush' Single Cover

troye sivan

Talk about a "rush!"

Troye Sivan is nothing if not committed.

Gracing the cover of the Australian and New Zealand edition of Rolling Stone, Sivan goes deep into his life, sex, his upcoming album, and how he got in the perfect mood for his latest single.

Earlier this year, Sivan released the single “Rush,” the highest-charting solo single of his career. Of course, queer fans noticed immediately that the song title shared its name with a popular brand of poppers. But now, we know just how committed to that poppers aesthetic Sivan was.

The cover art for “Rush” shows Sivan with a huge grin on his face as he has his face between the legs of a naked man. Now, Sivan has revealed that he actually took a hit of poppers before the picture.

He told Rolling Stonethat he wanted the cover art to give off “the same flushed feeling” people experience when they, themselves take poppers, also known as amyl nitrate.

“If you go back, there’s this tiny vein on my head,” he said. “It’s my favorite part of the picture.”

Sivan’s upcoming album Something to Give Each Other is set to drop on October 13. It’s described by Capitol Records as “a celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love, and friendship.” But according to Sivan, the album was inspired by a hookup.

“We were laying in bed and he was like, ‘This is one of life’s greatest pleasures, connecting with people in this way.’” he said. “Obviously the hookup is fun. But he’s like ‘Even if I never see you again, we get to have this really special moment together.’”

The sentiment inspired Sivan to start work on the album.

Lately, Sivan has been teasing his second single from the album, called “Got Me Started” on TikTok and Instagram. “Can I interest anyone in a second single?” he wrote on a TikTok with a clip of the new song. “Or should we just do another ‘Rush’ remix?”

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