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Aubrey O'Day Says She Hooked Up With Donald Trump Jr. At a Gay Bar

Aubrey O'Day Says She Hooked Up With Donald Trump Jr. At a Gay Bar

donald trump jr and aubrey o'day

The singer and former Danity Kane member said he was "very comfortable" at gay bars.

Well, this is more information about Donald Trump Jr. than we ever wanted to know...

Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day, who says she had an affair with the disgraced former president’s son, has revealed the first time they had sex — and the story is a doozy.

O’Day was appearing on the Mea Culpa podcast with former Trumper Michael Cohen when she said she started an affair with the married Trump Jr. after she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

O’Day didn’t stop there, though... she also said that she thought he was her soulmate before his turn to far-right politics.

“You know what a bleeding-heart liberal I am, and you know how I’m a social justice warrior since I was born and raised by one,” O’Day said. “There is no way that I could have ever loved somebody like what we see today. So, that goes to show you how much transformation or potential posturing the man is doing or has done since the man that I would call my soulmate — I also don’t discredit that word. I do think if he were able to tell the truth, he would, since he called me his soulmate first.”

The revelations got more shocking from there, with O’Day revealing that she finds his homophobia a joke, as they used to hang out in gay bars, and Trump Jr. was reportedly “totally chill” and “very comfortable.”

In fact, he was so comfortable, the two had sex.

“I looked at his Instagram for the first time in years the other night and saw all kinds of jokes you know, kind of belittling the gay community, transgender women, et cetera,” O’Day said on the podcast. “And I thought to myself, ‘Man you were super comfortable in that gay club.’ In fact, so comfortable that we ended up going to the bathroom and, for the first time, had sex in a gay club bathroom.”

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