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'Billy on the Street' Is Back For the First Time in 3 Years

'Billy on the Street' Is Back For the First Time in 3 Years

billy on the street

For a dollar, scream if you're going to see Bros in theaters!

Billy is back baby!

The greatest man-on-the-street segment of all time is back to promote Billy Eichner's new gay rom-com Bros, coming out in theaters September 30.

Directed by Nicholas Stoller from a screenplay by Stoller and Eichner, Bros is being touted as the first theatrically-released romantic comedy from a major movie studio. It stars Eichner, Luke Macfarlane, Bowen Yang, TS Madison, Symone, Monica Raymund, and Guillermo Diaz among a fully-queer principal cast.

The first trailer for the movie was released back in May, giving us a look at what we can expect from the movie. Eichner stars in the movie as Bobby Lieber, a gay podcaster who doubts he'll ever find true love. Then things change when he meets Aaron, a macho lawyer who's not at all the typical type of guy Bobby is interested in.

The new Billy on the Street segment brings back several classic Billy bits, including "For a Dollar" and, most importantly, "Let's Go, Lesbians!"

"Hey guys, it's Billy, I'm out here back on the street with famous and beloved straight man Paul Rudd. We're gonna spread the word about my new movie Bros," Billy starts out in his typical mile-a-minute way.

As always, what follows is a series of Eichner confronting straight people on the streets of New York City asking them to see Bros on September 30. Reactions vary from, "I'm one of the bros, so I gotta see Bros!" to "Woah," when Billy reveals that the movie has "lots of gay sex" in it.

Then, at a minute and a half, Billy brings back his legendary pack of wild lesbians! Followed by six lesbians all wearing shirts with the Bros logo, Billy asks even more people to scream if they're going to see his movie when it comes out.

But not every person Billy stops on the street is straight. The new episode ends with Eichner asking a gay man walking down the street if he's going to see Bros. The man seems to recognize Eichner immediately, and laughs off the idea of talking to him.

"Oh god, wow he was even too gay for Bros," Eichner says.

If you're not too gay for Bros, make sure to check it out on September 30!

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