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Ricky Martin Debuts Massive Foot and Leg Tattoo In Full

Ricky Martin

Damn, Ricky is looking good!

Ricky Martin is showing off a newly-completed leg tattoo and damn, he looks fine!

In an Instagram post from tattoo artist Roxx, Martin is pictured with his leg in full view so we can get a good look at the massive all-black tattoo. The ink is an abstract all-black heavy lines piece that spans from his calf to his foot. The tattoo consists of spirals, curves, and lines and looks great on the singer.

"For a beautiful human, Ricky Martin," Roxx captioned the image. "Thank you for all that you do for us in the LGBTQ+ community and with your foundation ... you are pure gold." Roxx is an LA-based artist who specializes in heavy black work. She is the founder of 2Spirit Tattoo in San Francisco and has tattooed other celebrities like Adam Lambert, back in 2017. Lambert got a pair of patterned circles on his shoulder and upper arm.

Earlier this year, genderfluid singer Torii Wolf also got a tattoo from Roxx, getting black lines going from their ears down their neck, shoulders, and arms.

Martin also posted a photo of the tattoo to his account calling it a tattoo in motion. "Your vibes, your talent, your friendship," he wrote of Roxx. "You are a legend!!! Thank you." He's been teasing the ink for some time. Back in July of 2020, Martin posted a photo of what was likely an initial session with Roxx. That bit of ink on his foot ended up making it into our cover shoot.

Since, he continued posting glimpses. Now, the piece seems to be complete, and we can see it in detail.

Like many, Martin has taken his time during quarantine to experiment with some looks. He previously dyed his hair pink at the request of his son, but shaved his head shortly after. The singer also dyed his beard bleach blond, and seems to be keeping that look for a while.

Others, like singer Demi Lovato, are also experimenting with new looks. While releasing her new documentary chronicling her overdose last year, Lovato cut her hair short and revealed she wants to eventually buzz it off.

Beauty and The Beast star Luke Evans also showed off a new tattoo this year. After breaking up with his partner, art director Rafa Olarra, Evans posted some speedo pics from the beach, showing off a new bird tattoo on his thigh.

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