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Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin reveals 'very discreet' man he's met in exclusive new 'Palm Royale' clip

"I just want to be a person," Ricky Martin says in this new scene from Palm Royale episode 7.

Let's all leave Ricky Martin (and his pants) alone

Ricky Martin's pants caused quite the stir at a recent Madonna concert.

Ricky Martin is ready for his villain era (and so are we)

The eternal heartthrob and Palm Royale star chats to Out about the changing entertainment industry for queer folks, and what his dream role would be. (Hint: it's something villainous!)

10 LGBTQ+ actors who should totally star in the new 'Baywatch' reboot

These are queer celebs who we'd love to see wear the iconic red swimsuit!

Ricky Martin is opening up about his foot fetish—and he's not afraid to let the world know about it

The recently-single singer also revealed how he meets guys.

Yes, Ricky Martin is showing you his feet pics for free

In case you didn’t know, the Grammy Award-winning singer has a foot fetish.

30 best pics of Jwan Yosef, painter & ex-husband to Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef filed for divorce in Sep. 2023, so the artist is officially single and ready to mingle!

These 7 LGBTQ+ celebrity couples broke up in 2023

These LGBTQ+ celebs have chosen to go their separate ways.

​Ricky Martin Had the Same Reaction We Did to Seeing Miguel Ángel Silvestre Nude

The hunky actor opens up about the praise he got from Ricky Martin and whether he plans to start an OnlyFans account!

Ronen Rubinstein Thanks 'Papi' Ricky Martin For 'Magical Evening'

It's a four alarm fire when these two are together!

Watch the Sweaty, Sexy New Ricky Martin Video That's Making Us Go Feral

The pop star is glistening in a new video of a performance in Las Vegas.

Jwan Yosef Shares Abs-olutely Steamy Pics From 'Butt' Magazine Photoshoot

Summer's over, but the heat is on!

Ricky Martin Shows His Insta Followers How He Avoids Tan Lines

Fall may be right around the corner, but in Ricky's world, it's always summer!

Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef Have Reached a Divorce Settlement

The couple are officially moving on.

Jwan Yosef Shares Steamy Thirst Trap Following Ricky Martin Divorce

This new picture shows that Jwan Yosef is now definitely single and ready to mingle!

Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef Finally Open Up About Their Divorce

After four weeks, the two men finally talk about their amicable split in separate interviews.

Ricky Martin Is Soaking Up the Sun on a Yacht Amid Divorce News

The Puerto Rican superstar is currently on tour.

Ricky Martin & Husband Jwan Yosef Separate After 6 Years of Marriage

The two released a joint statement on Instagram.

15 Sexy Celebrities Who Definitely Live in the Daddyverse

What's the Daddyverse, you ask? It's a world where Daddies reign supreme!