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Watch Shirtless Russell Tovey Try to Vogue in the Middle of the Street

Watch Shirtless Russell Tovey Try to Vogue in the Middle of the Street


We've had this video on a constant loop for the past hour and we don't know why...

Russell Tovey is a man of the people, and he knows exactly what we want to see!

In a recent post on his Instagram account, the out TV star (known best for his roles in shows Looking, Quantico, and Years and Years, as well as for his appearances in the queer-inclusive Arrowverse superhero franchise) shared a fun moment with his followers where he bared his whole chest off to the world while attempting to vogue in the middle of street.

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879314]

After being hyped up by an off-camera friend, Tovey -- shirt totally unbuttoned, chest out -- adorably breaks into a catwalk (well, his version of a catwalk) before doing some spins and ending on the ground after hitting a dip.

"Yas queen!" his friend says at the end of the video, illustrating why we all need a supportive AF bestie in our lives.

"Merry Christmas," Tovey captioned the post that had absolutely zero context (when was this taken and why are you in the middle of street, Russell?!), but is still glorious regardless.

While he probably won't be competing in Legendary any time soon, we love seeing fun, happy, and wholesome moments like this in the world whenever they happen, no matter how fleeting they may be! (And the view ain't too bad, either!)

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