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Russell Tovey Says Playing ‘Bold’ Gay Man on Quantico ‘Feels Rewarding’

Russell Tovey Quantico

Russell Tovey is loving every minute of playing a confident, openly gay character on ABC’s Quantico.

Tovey plays Harry Doyle, and while the show about FBI trainees leaves the actors themselves in the dark about their characters’ futures, the out British actor is happy that Doyle’s sexuality is such a well-integrated part of who he is.

“[He is] completely confident, completely proud, completely sort of out there—almost boldly so—arrogantly so,” Tovey said in a recent interview. “It’s a good thing. I’m really proud of that.”

Tovey is foiled by Quantico recruit Sebastien Chen, played by David Lim, who is still closeted and struggling with his sexual identity.

Tovey’s Doyle, on the other hand, isn’t “struggling with [his sexuality]—there’s no pain or angst. He’s very proud and open and it’s completely normalized here.”

The actor, who also played a gay character in HBO’s Looking and stars in The Pass, called his Quantico role “a wonderful way that a gay character on TV can be written.”

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