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Russell Tovey

Russell Tovey is a gay, English, actor, author, playwright and screenwriter, who first broke onto the acting scene as werewolf George Sands in the hit BBC television series "Being Human." Tovey began his acting career at the young age of 11 years old when he was cast in the children's series "Mud." After his 2009 stint as Sands in "Being Human," Tovey got the break of a lifetime when he was cast as Kevin Matheson in the groundbreaking HBO drama "Looking," which centers around a group of gay, male friends and their lives in San Francisco.

Russell Tovey's new, true-life gay movie has finished filming

The movie follows an undercover cop tasked with entrapping gay men.

Russell Tovey & Tom Blyth are starring in a new gay cop movie

The film is described as "a heartfelt story that deals with internal conflict, family, and the complexities of sexual identity in the face of societal and personal expectations."

We NEED Russell Tovey's hilariously sexy, slutty 'art museum' t-shirt in our wardrobe NOW

Tovey showed off his love for art (and other things) with the shirt!

Russell Tovey dishes on the surprising role he almost played in 'Looking'

Lucky for Tovey, when he didn't get the role he tried out for, they wrote him into the show!

This Iconic 'Queer As Folk' Rimming Scene Sparked Russell Tovey's Gay Awakening

The Looking star opened up about the Queer As Folk scene that was a gay awakening for him.

Meet the Full Cast of 'American Horror Story: NYC'

The very sexy cast of American Horror Story: NYC is here!

Check Out the First 'AHS:NYC' Teaser & Character Images

Russell Tovey, Zachary Quinto, and Charlie Carver are all looking great!

15 Sexy Pics of Russell Tovey to Prepare for 'American Horror Story'

The British actor and Looking alum will appear in the upcoming 11th season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story.

Watch Shirtless Russell Tovey Try to Vogue in the Middle of the Street

We've had this video on a constant loop for the past hour and we don't know why...

Stephen Fry and Russell Tovey Star in New 'Dorian Gray' Adaptation

It's a project about social media and influencers. Perfect.

Russell Tovey Is Starring in a Spooky, Sexy Murder Thriller

Someone is getting an early start on gay halloween 2020.

Russell Tovey Says Playing 'Bold' Gay Man on Quantico 'Feels Rewarding'

“I think that’s a wonderful way that a gay character on TV can be written.”

New Looking Book Will Reveal Exclusive Insights Into the Series

"When I came out I never imagined I would be doing this," says Jonathan Groff, "to pour my heart and soul into a piece of art that was about being gay.”

Still Looking: Where Are They Now (and Where Are They Going)?

In preparation for Looking: The Movie, let's see where we left our favorite San Franciscans. 

There Are Two Kinds of Gays: Those Who Love Looking & Those Who Don't

Looking is perhaps the most divisive gay show in TV herstory. 

Watch: Looking: The Movie Trailer is Finally Here

And it promises plenty of love triangles, romantic dilemmas, and Doris’ one-liners.

Russell Tovey's Shirtless Torso Caused Audience Member to Faint

Beware, Russell Tovey's pecs could put you in the hospital.

Russell Tovey Calls Himself a 'Basic Bitch'

And other things we learned from The New York Times profile of the actor (and his bulldog)

Russell Tovey Is Juggling Broadway and Looking

The actor has gone blond for his return to Broadway, as Rodolpho in A View From the Bridge.