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Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black Answer Their Fans' Juiciest Questions

Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black Answer Their Fans' Juiciest Questions


The power couple are spilling all the tea (or prosecco, rather)!

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are spilling it all!

In a recent video for the Olympic gold medalist and knitting enthusiast's YouTube channel, the power couple sat down to drink some bubbly and answer questions submitted from Patreon subscribers about their relationship, their jobs, their family, and more!

Here's a recap of everything that we learned!

On winning Olympic Gold

Daley took home some major gold hardware at this year's Olympic Summer Games, but how does his husband remember the emotional moment? Black couldn't help but share his pride in his husband, saying, "It was one of the best moments of my life. [I'm] just really proud of you. You worked so hard for that."

On Daley's book

Daley's new memoir, Coming Up for Air, made a major splash this month... but not everyone got in the action. When asked what Black thought of the Olympic diver's book, Daley quickly chimed in, saying, "Well he hasn't [read it], so we'll move on."

The screenwriter did clarify that he plans to read it, but is waiting until he's no longer shooting.

On their son Robbie

Black admits that their son Robbie has "no clue" what he does for a living, but he did share that he knows exactly what Daley does.

"Yeah. He always talks about the Olympics and diving," Daley added.

On their favorite qualities about each other

Black made it clear that there is one thing about Daley that stands out from the rest: "His rear end."

"It's also nice that you're ambitious, and you're a perfectionist..." Black also noted. "You're really nice to people, but all that pales in comparison to you walking away in your speedos."

Daley also shared that his favorite thing about Black is his tenacity, saying, "If you set your mind on something, you'll do it."

On switching bodies

Once again, this question seemed to be an easy one for Black!

"I would just walk around naked in public all the time," he said when asked what he would do if he and Daley had to switch bodies. "I just wouldn't wear clothes. I don't care how cold it'd be."

Watch Tom & Dustin Lance's full Q&A video below!

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