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Tom Daley Wants You to Know the Olympic Village Beds Are Super Sturdy

Tom Daley Wants You to Know the Olympic Village Beds Are Super Sturdy


Duly noted, sir! 

In case you were wondering, the bed frames that athletes are sleeping on during this summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo are, in fact, very, very sturdy! Just ask British diver and two-time Olympic medalist Tom Daley, and he'll be glad to show you!

In a recent TikTok, the 27-year-old diver, father, and husband gave his over 400,000+ followers a one-minute, behind-the-scenes tour of the Olympic Village (it's basically a large, dorm-like community where Olympic athletes stay while they're competing at the games) and what it's like to be living there for a few weeks.

Tom shows us the Olympic Village's dining hall, the gift shops, the waterfront view of Tokyo Bay, the communal area he shares with his roommates, the bathroom shower (which he notes can fit a lot of people at the same time), and most importantly, the bed situation.

"Beds are sturdy," reads a caption in the part of Tom's TikTok tour where he and fellow diver Matty Lee test out the bed's durability by bouncing up and down on it.


Over the past week, the infamous cardboard bed frames at the Tokyo Olympics have been making headlines for reportedly being "anti-sex" in an attempt to dissuade Olympic athletes from hooking up with each other. But that notion was proven to be false by Irish artistic gymnast Rhys McClenaghan in a now-viral video he tweeted showing him jumping up and down on the beds, proving they are plenty sturdy for, um...special activities.

While we really didn't think a cardboard bed frame was going to stop the world's most elite and physically capable athletic powerhouses from hooking up and having fun with each other, it's nice to get confirmation from an inside source like Tom!

Go sports!

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