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11 LGBTQ+ athletes we'll be rooting for at the 2024 Olympics

Who's ready for Paris 2024!?

It's official: Twunk icon Tom Daley is heading to the 2024 Olympics

This will be Daley's fifth Olympic games.

Meet Sean Gunn, the dreamy Olympic swimmer who just came out as gay

Welcome to the family, Sean!

Tom Daley Is Back in the Water & Taking Home Gold

"I don't think I was ready to be done and hang up my trunks," Daley said about returning to diving after two years away.

Gus Kenworthy Shows Off His Hairy Shirtless Chest in Steamy New Insta Post

The Olympian turned actor wants you to know the chest is chesting!

Gay Rower Robbie Manson Qualifies for 2024 Olympics, Keeps Updating OF

The New Zealander rower has officially qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

How Olympian Tom Daley Became a World-Class Knitter

Out Olympic diver Tom Daley wants to make the fashion world more accessible — one stitch at a time — through his knitting brand Made With Love.

Meet Tomás González, the Olympic Gymnast Who Just Came Out As Gay

The Chilean athlete competed in three Olympics and earned himself several gold medals in different tournaments.

Gay Olympic Rower Robbie Manson Joins OnlyFans

The athlete is currently preparing for the 2024 Olympics.

Adam Rippon Reacts to His Viral Britney Spears Meme & Teases 'Stars on Mars'

The Olympian has hit a new career peak by being known as THAT homosexual.

15 Sexy Pics of Olympic Athlete Matthew Mitcham Who Joined OnlyFans

The Australian diver won a gold medal at the Olympics and has now launched and OnlyFans page.

International Olympic Committee Updates Framework for Trans Athletes

Is it a “monumental” improvement or a step backwards?

Tom Daley Talks New Memoir, Evolving As an Athlete & Becoming a Parent

The Olympic diver, husband, father, and LGBTQ+ activist opened up in a recent interview with Pride Today.

Tom Daley Is Just Now Realizing He's a Twunk

Where exactly have you been, Tom???

Dustin Lance Black & Tom Daley Celebrate 5th Anniversary, Share Pics

Did we mention these two are relationship goals??

Watch This Out Olympian Slay His 'The Voice' Blind Audition

Gay gymnast Dominic Clarke got a standing ovation from the crowd — and won our hearts!

Olympian Says Gay Men Are Weak & Can't Ski Down Dangerous Slopes

Now she's trying to apologize for her homophobia.