The straight journalist was suspended for seven months after exposing Grindr profiles without constent.

March 22 2017 1:00 PM

More than 38,000 guys turned on their Grindr app while attending the Olympic Games in Rio. Here's how they performed.

August 22 2016 5:50 PM

Italian swimmer Rachele Bruni dedicated the win to her "beloved," girlfriend Diletta Faina.

August 17 2016 4:36 PM

The Neighbors actor swung by Today in Rio to surprise his superfans.

August 17 2016 2:55 PM

 “This kind of reporting is simply unacceptable,” the IOC said.

August 15 2016 12:01 PM

"No straight person will ever know the pain of revealing your truth, to take that away is just...It literally brings me to tears," Amini Fonua tweeted. 

August 12 2016 4:20 PM