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tom daley

English diver and TV personality.Tom Daley is a gay, British competitive diver and competitor at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games. He was the youngest English competitor at the 2008 Olympic games, and is known for his philanthropic work and his television appearances, most notably as a mentor/coach in the celebrity reality diving competition Splash! Tom Daley first came out as bisexual in December of 2013 when he announced on YouTube that he was dating a man, but has since identified himself as openly gay.

How Olympian Tom Daley Became a World-Class Knitter

Out Olympic diver Tom Daley wants to make the fashion world more accessible — one stitch at a time — through his knitting brand Made With Love.

Just a Reminder: Twinks Have to Be Gay

No, Leo DiCaprio was never a twink...

Tom Daley Just Launched a New Clothing Collection For Pride Month

And 100 percent of the proceeds are actually going to a great cause!

Tom Daley Talks New Memoir, Evolving As an Athlete & Becoming a Parent

The Olympic diver, husband, father, and LGBTQ+ activist opened up in a recent interview with Pride Today.

Tom Daley Is Just Now Realizing He's a Twunk

Where exactly have you been, Tom???

Dustin Lance Black & Tom Daley Celebrate 5th Anniversary, Share Pics

Did we mention these two are relationship goals??

Tom Daley Reveals the Most Kinky Knitting Request He Gets From Friends

Where can we place our order, Tom?!

Gus Kenworthy Wants to Team Up With Tom Daley to Fight Homophobia

The retired freestyle skier says he admires the diver’s commitment to the cause.

Tom Daley, Olympic Gold Medalist for Diving, Doesn’t Like Swimming

He revealed he also has dreams of becoming a fashion designer.


Tom Daley Completed That Epic Charity Race He Was Training Hard For

The four-day event featured Daley swimming, cycling, rowing, and running over 270 miles to raise funds for Comic Relief.

Tom Daley Bares His Thighs & Shows Off New Speedo in Instagram Pic

Looks like someone's not skipping leg day!

Tom Daley Got a Major British Honor & Is Using It For LGBTQ+ Rights

THIS is why we love the Olympic diver so much! 

Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black Answer Their Fans' Juiciest Questions

The power couple are spilling all the tea (or prosecco, rather)!

Tom Daley Wants the Olympics to Ban Anti-LGBTQ+ Countries

The out Olympic gold medalist said the cause will be his new mission.

Tom Daley Opens Up About Experience With an Eating Disorder in 2012

The Olympic diver gets candid about body image issues in a new interview.

Tom Daley Opens Up About Battling COVID Months Before Tokyo Olympics

Team GB's gold medal-winning diver thought he wasn't going to make it. 

Here's Who Tom Daley Says Inspired His Knitting Obsession

Like a true champion athlete, Tom's knitting is a form of training!

Tom Daley Perfectly Responded to Homophobic Russian TV Hosts

The hateful hosts referred to the Olympic champion as a "British homosexual" after his second medal win at this year's Olympic games.