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Beanie Feldstein Says Her Girlfriend Taught Her What Love Is

Beanie Feldstein Says Her Girlfriend Taught Her What Love Is

Grab a tissue — or 20.

Gays of the multiverse, get ready to stan your new favorite queer celebrity relationship. Sorry, Xellen and Plortia!

In a revealing interview with Teen Vogue, Ladybird star Beanie Feldstein said falling for her girlfriend showed her what it meant to be in love. While she had dated men before getting into a relationship with girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts, she told the magazine that she'd previously had a cold and detached view of intimacy.

In fact, her also-famous brother, Jonah Hill, had nicknamed her the "Dexter of relationships" -- which we can only assume means that she sails off into the sunset at the end to be a lumberjack.

"It just wasn't something I thought about or craved," Feldstein remarked of her prior serial murderer-esque love tendencies.

But everything changed when the 26-year-old began dating Roberts, a British producer, on the set of the forthcoming adaptation of Caitlyn Moran's novel, How to Build a Girl. "Whoa!" she recalled saying to herself. "Now I get it. I get why people write songs."

Feldstein opened up about being in a same-sex relationship for the first time earlier this year during a South by Southwest panel for Booksmart, an acclaimed coming-of-age comedy directed by Olivia Wilde. While her co-star, Kaitlyn Dever, plays the film's queer lead, Feldstein said the movie's depiction of teenage sexuality deeply resonated with her.

"My partner is a woman," she said at the time. "There's a love scene between two girls and they're fumbling with their sneakers and they can't get their jeans off. All of those moments, they make me tear up because representation is really important."

"I think if I could have seen our film earlier," Feldstein added, "I would have found myself a bit sooner."

But in conversation with Teen Vogue, the actress claimed her attraction to Roberts wasn't based on her partner's gender but about "her specifically." "Not to sound flippant, but I was in love with her and all of her," she said, "and she's a woman."

Feldstein, who is soon to play Monica Lewinsky in the upcoming season of American Crime Story centered on Bill Clinton's 1997 impeachment, also stressed the importance of visibility. Speaking on singer Sam Smith's decision to come out as nonbinary and embrace gender neutral pronouns, Feldstein said she was "moved by that."

"The more stories we have, both personal and fictionalized ... it just adds to the effing conversation," she said.

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