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Laverne Cox Spills Tea on Famous Men Who Secretly Date Trans Women

Laverne Cox Spills Tea on Famous Men Who Secretly Date Trans Women

Laverne Cox

The actress got candid about the stigma that still exists when it comes to dating trans women in the public eye.

Laverne Cox recently appeared alongside Pose star Angelica Ross in an episode of E!'s If We're Being Honest. During the episode, the two actresses discussed the difficulties of dating men - and Cox got candid about the famous men who still feel uncomfortable dating trans women in public.

Cox explained:

"I think it's deeply problematic when people hear that a famous man is with a trans woman and they automatically think and say that he's gay. Because that is disavowing the womanhood of trans women and it is also not acknowledging that sexuality exists on a spectrum and that people can be into a trans woman and just be completely straight. You can be pansexual, you can be bisexual... there's so many different things, and it should all be okay."

"It's so exhausting," Cox continued. "I can't believe in 2022 we're still dealing with stigma and that there are so many celebrities, famous men, who are terrified of people finding out that they're sleeping with trans women. I honestly can't even believe it, I really can't."

Cox and Ross then brought up trans women who are sex workers. "I'm happy for my girls who are making their coin, though," Cox noted.

Ross remarked, "I considered going back on the hoe block."

In response, Cox laughed about what her dating profile would be if she were to do that as well. "I joked about what would my profile be: 'the first trans woman on the cover of Time Magazine, to be nominated for an Emmy... girlfriend experience!'"

We always have a good time when Cox and Ross

If We're Being Honest airs Wednesdays on E!.

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