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Fletcher Talks Joining the Sapphic Chaos of The L Word: Generation Q

Fletcher Talks Joining the Sapphic Chaos of The L Word: Generation Q


"I just feel like I understand Shane so much on just a spiritual level," the singer-turned-actress told Out

When sapphic singer Fletcher got a call asking if she'd like to portray herself on the new season of The L Word: Generation Q, she thought she was dreaming.

"And me saying [in a scene in the trailer] 'This is the kind of sapphic chaos I live for,' it's just the perfect representation of just my art and my life I think," she laughs. "So to be a part of such a historically important show that has provided just so much visibility and representation for people, and has been such a key part of accepting my own identity and celebrating it was such a full circle moment and also such a f*cking honor."

Like many of us, Fletcher has long been a fan of The L Word.

"Growing up there wasn't a lot of queer and sapphic art, and media, and shows or movies for us to take in," she says. "And I think that show has just done such an incredible job at just painting the reality of queer relationships. And when I was shooting, I got to meet some of the original cast, and was just fangirling so hard."

But she didn't just fangirl, she also took time to appreciate how important it was that she got to be there.

"To be able to just depict queer love in all of its forms, anything that's doing that I think is such a celebration of who we are, and our contributions to society," she says. "And being on the show now is such a dream come true."

Fans of Fletcher know that the singer is proud to be open about her sexuality and her feelings and relationships, no matter how messy or chaotic they may be. In songs like "Undrunk," "Becky's So Hot," and "Serial Heartbreaker" she sings about many of the same sapphic themes that are present in The L Word: cheating, exes, bad decisions, f*bois, hook-ups, and mistakes -- so it makes perfect sense that she'd join the show.

While Fletcher is playing herself this season, she says that a classic L Word character is the one she relates to the most.

"I just feel like I understand Shane so much on just a spiritual level. I feel like I saw so many bits of myself in Shane's character," she says. "And somebody who also has just made such a 180 in terms of their journey and their healing, which I think is, I have just felt so I have always really connected with that."

As for her L Word crush, well that's a newer cast member.

"I think I have a crush on Dani (played by Arienne Mandi)," she confesses. "She's just so beautiful and the coolest human being on the planet. Yeah, definitely, definitely got a little Dani crush. And her character is just such a bad b*tch, and she is in real life too."

The first episode of the third season of The L Word: Generation Qis now streaming on the Showtime app and will air on Showtime this Friday.

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