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Fletcher Spills Details on Girl of My Dreams Tour & Deluxe Album

Fletcher Spills Details on Girl of My Dreams Tour & Deluxe Album


"I know I got a horny ass fan base. I don't know what they're up to," the singer tells Out.

Sapphic pop superstar Fletcher is right in the middle of her Girl of My Dreams tour and it's a wild ride. This is her fourth tour this year, which she says, isn't even the wildest part.

"I think the craziest part has just been watching the audiences grow even over this last, just last year from the first tour of this year to what we're ending on. It's just been the coolest thing ever," she says.

"I think that's like every artist's goal: to satisfy the fans, and the people that support your career, and lift you up, and are the reason why you even have one. And then to also be written about by articles, outlets, media, and press that I've grown up reading and hoping one day would write my name, and it's just been a f*cking dream come true. I think it's every artist's dream, and it's most definitely been a big part of mine. And so it's all just felt pretty surreal up to this point."

One of the things that has made this tour so special is Fletcher's partnership with the company Vault to let fans vote on selections of two songs from the Fletcher Vault for her to sing at shows. Unsurprisingly, the set of two sexy songs, "girls, girls, girls" and "Cherry," has been one of the most popular choices.

"I know I got a horny ass fan base. I don't know what they're up to," she laughs. "The Sex Dreams set seems to be getting chosen the most. And I mean it's just, it's, I just a bunch of sapphic, queer people in the audience voting on the sex songs. I'm like, 'All right guys,' I'm very sex-positive, so I'm here for this energy."

As surreal as it is, Fletcher's success has been hard-earned. She's made a name for herself in a bountiful field of talented sapphic and lesbian singers by always being her entire unapologetic self.

"I think it's really cathartic for me in the sense that exploring my own chaos and process and journey, and it helps me understand myself on a deeper introspective level," she says. "And I think to be able to share the findings and the discoveries that we make about ourselves and also not take ourselves too seriously and be willing to share the parts that just aren't f*cking perfect and beautiful - I craved so much of that growing up as a little kid and wanting to find and have artists that were doing the same. And so I just from a young age made it such a mission to be that artist for myself. And it's been such a big part of my healing journey because of that conscious choice that I made."

While that chaos leads to a devoted fanbase and rave reviews from critics, it also can lead to discourse. That was the case with her hit single "Becky's So Hot" where she name-dropped her ex's new girlfriend. The song blew up, and so did TikToks and tweets about it.

"I think as an artist you always have to just acknowledge the fact that you are discussing things in your life that people are always going to have a response and feel a certain type of way about it," she says. "But I've always been the type of artist and person that's just really intrigued by the very feelings and the things that people are sometimes not necessarily willing to say or talk about."

"Breakups are messy and complex," she continues. "And this song just so perfectly captured for me the essence of the raw emotion that I was feeling at the time that I was processing a breakup. And I've never been one to edit my narrative. So people are going to respond however they want to."

Nearly all of them have been responding by singing along and with declarations of love for Fletcher.

The singer has now announced that she's releasing an all-new Deluxe version of her album Girl of My Dreams featuring a brand new single "Suckerpunch."

"The Girl of My Dreams album has just been such a time capsule of my growth and life over the last two years," she says. "And on this album, it's going to be on the deluxe version is going to be a song called 'Suckerpunch,' which really what that song represents is I think we've all just been really f*cking beat up by love and a relationship. And it was that very feeling for me that sparked my healing journey."

"And so I'm also adding 'Healing' to the deluxe version as well," she adds. "And those songs both represent the bookend of the Girl of My Dreams journey."

"Suckerpunch" is a fun and dance-y banger that turns Fletcher's f-boi reputation on its head. In the new song she sings about being surprised and knocked out by love, revealing another side to this complicated singer.

Next up, Fletcher continues her Girl of My Dreams Tour, and after that, she'll be on the new season of The L Word: Generation Q, playing herself. If 2022 was a wild year, 2023 looks to be even better for Fletcher.

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