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'Pose's Elektra Has a Beyonce Connection and We Love to See It

Dominique Jackson as Elektra on Pose

Did not see this coming!

In case we needed yet another reason to give Elektra a spinoff!

Elektra Evangelista is one of our favorite characters on Pose. Period! For three seasons she's carried houses on her back -- first Abundance, then Evangelista, then Wintour, then Evangelista again -- and shown us what it is to be a true mother. She's both fiercely protective, and endlessly giving to the ones she loves, with more than a helping of tough love. And now that she's making loads of money through her own legitimate business, she's living more lavishly than ever which has provided quite the spectacle for the third and final season of the series.

"Elektra's character becomes very wealthy," Analucia McGorty, Pose's costume designer said in a new clip about the season. "Ryan really wanted her to feel over the top, dripping in diamonds ... furs. So it was a fun challenge to try to make her look even more over the top and I think we achieved it." They certainly did!

Scene after scene, Elektra has dazzled, both on the ballroom floor and off of it.

"Oh my gosh, everything has been absolutely fabulous," Dominique Jackson, who plays Elektra on the show, said. But, there was one moment that has a celebrity connection.

"This is Elektra," McGorty said from behind the scenes, holding up a blue fur jacket. "It's Beyonce's," she whispered after.

"Did I tell y'all I wore Beyonce's fur?" Jackson asked. "Yep, sure did!"

The blue coat in question, we can't say that we actually recall being in an episode so far but we are only halfway through the season. And while this was never confirmed, we would have to guess that borrowing Beyonce's fur coat included some kind of sign off from Beyonce herself? And honestly, what is a little sharing between icons?!

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